Being an adult is hard. 2/10 Would not recommend. Sure you can eat cake for breakfast, but at what cost? 

I would, however, recommend being creative. I was looking for ideas in a sketchbook I have with lovely thick, textured paper, and wanted to do some watercolour in it. I found an old sketch that I could work on. I cleaned up the lines and fixed some of the features before colouring in the image. The leaves came after I dropped the paint brush loaded with blue paint on her shoulders. They’re poorly hidden, but I could go over it properly, given the inclination. 

Life’s hard, go draw. 



Even though there was a lack of stream last week, the week before proved interesting in the creativity department.

Many potatoes were to be had.

Let me know if you recognise any of these ‘taters, and see if you can name them all.

In more current news, I went shopping yesterday for the first time in a long time, especially without going to the doctors to drain all my energy first. Yay!

I bought a small packet of plastic tools for clay, a set of three waterbrushes in various sizes, and an A5 watercolour paper pad.

I was eager to try out my new supplies, so I began painting without a plan, which began as leaf shapes, expanding across the page.

When I began, I was still getting used to the flow of water in the brush, and it’s very thin, irregular shapes and densities. As I progressed, and became more familiar with the brush, I was able to regulate the flow better, making the leaves more regular, even and smaller as I gained control. I’ll have to make a similar practice for the other brushes in the packet, as they all have different flows.

Go with the flow, yo.



Horrible photo is horrible.
I wanted to make a Christmas themed headband and I thought of the leaves and flower idea. Then I bought my new circles die and stacked three sizes of red felt with a button finished with a gold thread cross for the flower. I’m not sure I like the red and white leaves in with the green. Perhaps different tones of green would look better, although it is very Christmassy, just like gaudy jumper/sweater.
It would probably also look nice as an everyday headband if the colours were changed. Perhaps a peach or white flower. Maybe more than one flower and only a few leaves. You could make a wreath using a leaf die or punch. Make the leaves autumn themed with reds and oranges or match your clothes or decor.
I get a lot of ideas that I have to write down because there’s no way I could make them all. I have about 700 notes on my phone alone. I always carry around a notebook and I’ve filled many of them. Not all of them good, but it is important to write them down. I not only think of art and craft ideas, but game ideas and how to fix certain parts of the world. I recommend that you do this too. Creativity feeds creativity. Write down any ideas you have. They don’t have to be good, you don’t have to show anybody. Even if you don’t do anything with the idea, you may look back and it will give you inspiration or just be fun to look back on.