Ohh pretty colours!

I dedicated today to making an image that I could turn into a phone case image. I ordered a clear case to fit my phone, so I could use my own pictures, on paper slipped between the phone and clear case. I have to wait until I get the case to cut out the photo holes and whatnot, so I have to wait before cutting it out. In this time I can scan it in incase I need to print it, or could clean it up for online printing. I used my touchfive markers to colour, and as you can tell, I need more purple colours. I should really have begun the gradient from red to blue, but I didn’t plan very well. I added a bit more variation using coloured pencils, so they looked more cohesive, and added some gradients on each critter.

Doodle, dudes.



Finally got around to baking my clay. Also received a pasta machine. This makes conditioning so much easier, although I might get a really muscly right arm from cranking both this and my big shot machine.
Over the past couple of weeks I have be making a few things at a time, but was running out of room to keep them out of reach from the cats, so I had to bake them to make room.
I found out a couple of things that I didn’t know, like you cannot paint polymer clay with nail polish because it will turn mushy even after baking. Also, alcohol inks, like sharpies, will fade in colour over time. I’m lucky I found this out before I experimented on my figurine. I made a few pendants that I can paint on, and experimented with a Skinner blend (the gradient between colours using coloured clay.)
I still have a few things to try out, and also sanding these for painting.
At least most of my clay is conditioned now.



Update on the girl. Photo of the computer doesn’t show the colour right,  but gives you an idea of what it looks like without giving you my work in progress files.
I changed her hands and gave her dress a lot more shading. I think it’s looking pretty nice. I’m not sure of I’ve been staring at it too long, but it starts to look strange and I get unsure if it looks good. My partner says it looks “fine,” which was a poor choice of words. I don’t want to risk over working it, but I really want it to look fantastic. At this stage I’m not even sure if I should define her toes, or make it that she’s wearing stockings/tights.



Tiny sneak peek at what I was doing today.
Trying out some digital painting techniques that I’ve learnt from YouTube, and some things that I’m discovering on my own. I decided to try putting abase gradient down, then colouring the area based on what colours lands there. The picture that I’m using, I showed you a while ago, named fire fairy. I haven’t put her wings on, and I’m not sure I will on this version. I’m imagining this on a shirt, so I want to get it right. I need to change her hand position, and her back leg is too short, but I’m taking my time and having fun. It is a little unusual go change the sketch this far in, but I knew it didn’t look right, but didn’t know how to change it. Now I have a couple of ideas.
I’ll work on it between cleaning and sleeping.