Its been a hectic week, but at least I can show you some cards I made. After I had written them all out and wondering what to write in them, I had the idea to write jokes in them. Maybe I’ll do that from now on.
This card was made using a Gorjuss brand stamp. I wanted to see if I could make it Christmas themed by using colours. I coloured her using copics and a sharpie. I found that they blend, as they are both alcohol based, so it was useful while I don’t have my red copic. I still don’t have a usable yellow, but hopefully that will change soon, as I’m planning on getting some more copics. I was going to get a set of 72, and was even looking at other brands to get the most value, but decided that I could get a 36 pack of Copics then I can get some Bristol paper, to go with them, which is apparently great for blending on. I chose to get the more expensive copics over cheaper brands because I have had experience with them, I love the feel of them and you can buy refills for colours I use often. Luckily I found a couple of places that do free delivery and are much cheaper that the official Copic site.
I hope you all had a great and creative holiday.