Day #168


Busy sewing day, today. I almost finished a belt, did a fair bit of a bag, half made a pincushion and half heartedly made a cat ball.
The reason I couldn’t finish the belt was that I started using the eyelets that I had gotten the other day with my eyelet setter, but they didn’t come with washers, they were gold instead of silver to match the buckle, and they were too small for the buckle to fit into. So that project has to wait to be finished.
Next, I began making my bag. I’m using instructions for a bag, but created my own pattern from the pictures, as I wanted mine bigger, and couldn’t print out the pattern. Essentially it was a square with rounded corners, so easy to reproduce in the size I wanted. I can’t find my iron from when we moved, but i have to find it to flatten the strap.
As for the pincushion, the glue is currently drying, and is functional for the moment, just needs some decorating with some paint and ribbon. It’s actually a box, so I might clean up the inside edges, and I can keep a miniature sewing kit with small scissors and thread in it.
As for the cat toy, I felt like making something, and couldn’t think of anything else. It was quick and cats don’t care if they can see the stitching.

Day #167


Felt flowers and a ribbon bow. I used my new marking pen on the felt. It worked nicely, but now I have to wait and see how it disappears. I couldn’t use it on the purple because it was the same colour, so I pinned one of the other flowers to it and cut it out.
The reason I got to making these is I saw some headbands in a shop which were just felt flowers stuck to a headband base with a jewel in the middle. Like most things, I said to myself, and my friend, ‘I can do that.’ So I did. They are different and I didn’t take a photo for reference, they are inspired by. The ones in the shop were all one colour. I tried to give them some dimension by putting a stitch in the middle of the bottom layer. I was originally going to put them all on one headband, but they turned out bigger than I thought, so I’ll either only put one, or one large and make two smaller ones to put either side. I could make three headbands. I’m not good with choices, and I make my best art and craft when my head switches to autopilot and things fall into place.

Day #163


I got pressies! My partner gave me a load of crafty stuff that he bought during his work lunch breaks. It came in a cute kitten box and there was so much that it didn’t even all fit in it. There’s so many embellishments and things to do. I’ll never need more googly eyes again. I felt weird about making things to give away or sell with the items that he gave me, but he said then I can go shopping to replace them…


I began by attacking the felt. The package said ‘princess colours,’ so I made a princess with the pink, purple and white felt from the pack, and added some blonde hair. after pottering around, I began colouring in one of the diy money boxes I got. I decided to use the markers that came in the kit, not expecting it to go far, but I managed to cover the whole thing in a base colour. The problem was that being child proof, means washable and takes a long time to dry, so I had purple fingers for the afternoon. I was thinking of covering him in rhinestones. depends how bored I get.


Finally, I unmasked my resin pieces and attempted doming on bottle caps. Some worked, some didn’t and the resin began curing in the middle of pouring, so some are a coagulated mess, with pock marks from failed bubble popping. I got the measurements wrong again, and the stickers moved, and the glitter turned a weird colour. But some pieces came out lovely… until I put fingerprints into them.

But I should be busy for a while, especially with Christmas card season coming up.

Day #86


Today I had a box of ribbon, thread, glue and I got up and got some felt and created while watching telly and YouTube videos.

I played around with bows and banners and I don’t know what those faces are meant to be, I just went with it. Most of the embellishments in the YouTube videos were using paper, and I simply used as inspiration, Like the banner had the year on it, and was on a scrapbooking layout for Christmas. Once I find a reasonably priced alphabet die set for my big shot, I could make personalised mini banners.

As for the top, white bow, I was watching a video that said just keep adding. so I added a bit at a time, and quite like the outcome. I was going to add a gem, but I didn’t have any in the box, and thought the center was nice and straight for once, and didn’t need it. I want to add it to a headband, but don’t have any white bases, so I’ll have to cover one for it.

Day #61

Ugh. Headaches- the arch nemesis of creativity. I’ll riffle up some old pics to keep you entertained.

I absolutely love this piece above, but I couldn’t finish it for two reasons. One, the colour wasnt staying on the beads. I know they were plastic, but they looked beautiful. I was going to experiment with coating the beads with clear nail polish after its strung but I wasn’t sure it’d keep any flexibility. Secondly, I had to match the gold of the ending to a chain and finding. I kept forgetting to take it and I couldn’t match it. So I kinda gave up. But I would like to recreate, and finish it, one day.

Here’s my girafasaurus. Not quite girrafe, not quite a saurus. It was meant to be a giraffe, but it was a toy for a baby, so she’ll never know. I know the eye bled, but I was paranoid about sewing eyes on. I know you shouldn’t use buttons, and I couldn’t be bothered embroidering them on…

This is a coin purse I made when I realised I had too many coins at the bottom of my handbag. I used it once before I realised I couldn’t be bothered putting change in a purse, and reverted to the loose-change-in-handbag system…

Day #52


I quite enjoyed beading felt for maybe badges or headbands. Not sure what to use them for, but I had a slow day and made a couple more. I liked the above one, but I didn’t use matching thread, so I have a light pink line through the sequins.

This one took longer, but I like the effect. I’ll have to figure out what to do with them. Until then I’ll probably make some more…