Day #85


Yes, I know. You thought I was totally cool, now you find out I have my dolls still. Bet none of you could guess my age. 😛
I’m continuing with toy clothes today had a few ideas last night to try.
First we have Andrea on the left sporting a polka dot dress. Hand sewn by me- I’m trying to decide if its more lazy to get out the sewing machine, or to hand sew because you couldn’t be bothered getting the machine out.
Then I had an idea or saw on a video that had dolls hair curlers using bobby pins and straws. So I’m trying it out. I wet the dolls hair first, and I’ll wait for it to dry, and I’ll add hair spray before and after I take them out.
The headband is just a piece of cord I was playing around with and wrapped it around a headband base. I like the gradient a lot, so I glued it in places, and might do some stitching to make sure it stays.
Tune in next time in great adventures of playing for adults! Also known as “crafting.”

Day #84



Toys clothes! The first craft items I made and what got me to love Sewing. Lately, my Mum and I have been discussing making dresses for toys, so today I felt like making one.

It was all hand stitched, as it was a trial run, so the thread doesn’t even match properly. Also I didn’t burn the ribbon ends, so they’re beginning to fray. Although you can’t see, the bodice is supposed to be pleated, but I didn’t want to iron, so I tacked it down, and it just looks like a random seam. I love the blue and white combination, but found a few more fabrics that would be nice.

I’ve always wanted to make a pattern book for doll clothes. I just need the motivation and dedication. Maybe I’ll go craft some…