Being an adult is hard. 2/10 Would not recommend. Sure you can eat cake for breakfast, but at what cost? 

I would, however, recommend being creative. I was looking for ideas in a sketchbook I have with lovely thick, textured paper, and wanted to do some watercolour in it. I found an old sketch that I could work on. I cleaned up the lines and fixed some of the features before colouring in the image. The leaves came after I dropped the paint brush loaded with blue paint on her shoulders. They’re poorly hidden, but I could go over it properly, given the inclination. 

Life’s hard, go draw. 


Tiny bottles in the mail! Yaaay!

I bought these online to make some things out of. They are small and light, so will make great necklaces. They came with little eye screws, so attaching them to things will be easier, as long as the corks are glued in well.

Another package arrived with a 2mm mechanical pencil that I’ve wanted for ages. I hadn’t gotten around to buying it in the art shop, so I decided to get one online. It worked out cheaper, so that’s good. It’s smooth, dark and solid so will be great for drawing. It also came with twelve refill leads so I might never need more. No matter how much I draw, I hardly ever use up pencils, as I have so many, they each share the load, evening it out.

While watching drawing videos, this week, I saw someone lining their drawings with coloured ink and a brush, which urged me to try the same. The only coloured ink I could find was some old calligraphy ink in red and turquoise, which had come in a magazine set. As it turns out, these inks were water soluble, meaning they reactivate and bleed when water comes into contact with it. This was a small issue, as I wanted to use watercolours on the pictures, but I used this to my advantage, incorporating the blue into my design of the mermaid above. I wanted to draw a mermaid at some point this month, as in the drawing community online, May is known as Mermaid, and is the time to draw them. I’m not crazy enough to draw one every day in the month, like many others do, so one is enough for now.  Perhaps I’ll put some waterproof coloured ink on my list of things to buy one day. My mermaid isn’t quite finished yet, and the photos are more green than the piece is, but I like it so far.

Keep swimming, my fishies.


It has been a hell of a day, and I wasn’t able to stream tonight. Sincerest apologies to anyone who wanted to join, but I wasn’t feeling the best, so the stream wouldn’t have been too entertaining.

I spent all day waiting for the plumber to come, but he never did, so I spent some time watching YouTube, playing games and smocking.

I saw a video by Handiworks showing a smocked cushion cover. The version I saw was sped up, so I just copied based on a quick explanation. I have to watch the long version to see how to sew into a cushion, as mine is very diamond shaped still, and the smocking is larger. I just really liked the how the satin highlighted the pattern more dramatically than more matte fabrics, and I’ve been meaning to make cushions for our lounge since we bought it four years ago.

Here’s a view from the back.

I’ve had a pile of sewing projects building lately, so it’s very nearly time for the sewing machine to be brought into daylight. I’ve had to do some research regarding jersey fabric so i can resize some t-shirts, and I watched a couple of seasons of Project: Runway, which made me feel like trying some new things out. Even if I’d never be hold enough to wear them outside, but I have a huge pile of fabric not doing anything else.

No smocking beyond this point…



Sorry it’s been ages since I posted, it’s been one of THOSE months.

In other news, I hand sewed this bunny for a future human. He’s nice and soft and cuddly and baby proof. I’m always wary of what to give babies, and don’t even trust safety eyes, that’s why his eyes are just embroidered circles. I may go over them and add a mouth, but I’m not sure. I got a bit sick of hand stitching half way through, as it was getting painful, so one I had finished that, I put him to the side for a bit while my hands recovered.

I had a dream about buying some pink fabric to make a bear, so I feel as though I need to make a pink bear, now. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything like the fabric from my dream, so I’ll have to figure that out. May take some improvising or a shopping trip.

I’m madly trying to design more t-shirts to sell online. I need to start focusing on finishing designs so I can start earning something for my work.

I’d better get some sleep. I’m getting sick on top of everything else (thanks to my other half) and need some rest. ❤

Day #128


Gah! Super happy with this!! Even attached it to my cupboard to see when I’m in bed. I love this butterfly die so much (it’s to die for. Eh heh heh.) I originally wanted a butterfly die when I saw this technique of paper piecing on a YouTube video. The lady had a much less intricate die but I loved the look. I didn’t think I’d have the patience for doing this, but I persevered and anlm impressed with the results.
Today after our inspection was over, the craft ban was lifted and my creativity exploded. I began with watercolouring. I coloured heaps of pages with a mix of the three watercolours I have that actually work. I did some embossing with my big shot and hoped the watercolours would pool in the debossed areas, which they did, until it dried. Bit sucky but I can add layers and some worked better than others. After I left them to dry for a few hours, I came back and die cut a butterfly out of some the blue watercoloured paper. I was careful in trying not to lose any pieces, but I did lose one piece (50 points if you figure out which one.) Then I die cut a black butterfly. I should have done the black first, so I could keep the blue pieces there until I needed them. I cut a piece of black card and covered it with tape runner, before placing the black butterfly and all his blue pieces into the holes. All this was made up as I went, so I thought at this point that I’d put it on a card. I cut a strip of white card and cut out the butterfly again. I was going to trim it to a snug rectangle, but I decided it looked like a bookmark. So I put the butterfly in his white surroundings and decided all bookmarks need a quote. I looked up short quotes that would fit, and found one I’d saved. I thought the quote was fitting for me and my partner, as a reminder. So I got to work die cutting letters. I stuck them down, rounded corners. Cut a back panel and matted it with foam squares.
I not only came out of today with an awesome inspirational art piece, but figured out something useful. I don’t have one of those quick sticks, where you can pick up all the tiny things, nor could I find one in stores. If you roll up blue tack (which I also use as a kneadable eraser) you can form it to a point and pick up the tiniest pieces, I also used it to hold the letters while I applied glue. So now I don’t have to spend money on a tool I don’t need. Yay!
Sorry for the long post- I was excited 😀