Hey guys, I have been pretty absent lately. I know because Facebook told me I haven’t posted in a while. The only reason for my absence is that I didn’t have much to say. I still don’t, but I have plenty of pictures from playing around with my new pencils.

Phew. That’s a lot. At least I’m getting used to them. I have a load of ideas to use my pencils on in the future, so I’ll try to remember to post more often. 

Until then, keep calm and colour in.


Geez, life is so annoying! But enough about that.

So, I’ve been painting a bit lately. I felt bad about not blogging, but I don’t have the brain power to explain all the different pieces yet.

Here are a few pieces, so I’m getting good use out of the paints that I bought after Christmas. My partner and I have also assembled and primed our respective Warhammer 40k armies, but have to wait to paint them, as we have an inspection coming up.

In the mean time, I have been painting all sorts of things, as you can see. I’ve drawn pictures to paint, copied pictures, used a gesso transfer and painted over the magazine image, I’ve painted boxes, clay figures that I’ve made in the past, begun painting a dress on a paper mache dress form, and scoured my craft room for half finished projects, so I have plenty on the go.
Please excuse the quality of the pictures, the colours did not want to show up with the light, and I had to try an adjust them back. I keep forgetting to take the photos during the day. Perhaps I’ll make a day if it when I’ve completed more pieces. I might even iron the background sheet ;).

Paint the town red! Or maybe just the dress form.



I love being able to make an object from scratch. Most crafts include buying pretty things, and putting them with other pretty things to make a new prettier thing, but paper mache is like creating from raw materials. If I was a traditionalist, I’d use flour and water to make the glue, but it’s still a basic form of construction. The amount of things you are able to create from the ground up is rather empowering. The possibilities are so numerous. Creating with your hands, getting elbow deep in crafting, making things for people you love. So much work and so much fun. Improvisation, maths, logic, physics, cooking, they all play a part in art, it exercises you mind. It’s what keeps me going and gets me up in the morning.
Art is so important.

Hope that made sense.


I know it’s a few days early for New Years, but I have decided that this year, I will focus more on my art. I would like to get better at full images, not static design like poses. I would like to get better at colours. I know the colour wheel in and out, but I’m not using colour to it’s full potential, but I will learn. My goal to aim for is to produce an image (at least one) that I myself would be comfortable and proud to sell and wear on a T-shirt.
Since I came third in a T-shirt design competition this year, I’ve come to see how much seeing my designs on t-shirts would be an awesome and thing. Perhaps I will enter it again with my gained knowledge. It was my first large image and I hadn’t been practising using my wacom tablet, so the fact that I won third was pretty awesome. I know I needed a lot more shadow for contrast so it would read better when printed, so that will be on my list of things to get better at.
Perhaps a series of postcard sized images would be useful practice, and I could give them as presents and use on cards.
Our walls are fairly blank in my house at the moment, so I’ll have to do something about that.
By writing this here, it is my mission statement that I can focus on, and have witnesses to support me in my endeavour.
Now I have to go do homework >_<'

Day #126


So, kinda had an idea like this. But this developed quite different.
I think I more imagined silver black and red on a white background but I had white ink and a small black canvas and went for it. The image was too small for the canvas so I filled the background with the same image, but smudged one part with my hand. Luckily it was still only slightly damp and I smudged the rest with a baby wipe and I prefer it that way. I painted the centre one with silver and attached the pink teardrops as flames as well as pink and purple rhinestones on every end. It didn’t take long at all, apart from painting over the lines, but if I had silver ink I could have done that, or used a silver sharpie. Maybe I could make gold and bronze ones to make a triptych. I think gold and green and bronze and blue would be nice.