I was cleaning today (a bit,) and I found a scrap of paper on the floor. I actually found quite a few, but this one gave me some inspiration. It had been punched with a maple leaf punch, and torn in just the right way that made me think of Godzilla rising out of the ocean. I used the piece of paper as a template, and filled in details, before colouring in the scene with pencils.

This wasn’t the first time in this cleaning season I’d found inspiration. I also made a box thing using catalogue paper and plastic shopping bags…

Cat for size reference. Though the cat is large.


As an example of art imitating life, here is a picture of my ribbon box from a few days ago. I love ribbon, but it’s always hard to find the right one when your organisation system is simulating the nearest landfill. I saw an idea online for a storage solution, which I adapted to my own situation, and have been sorting out my ribbon collection. Unfortunately, my past attempts at sorting this pile included pins. This lead to a few puncture wounds from diving into the box, in search for that one ribbon at the bottom, that would be perfect for a project. Enter:the cardboard.

Now, I’ve tried cardboard before, in the form of embroidery thread holders, and disliked the results, as it made fold lines in the ribbon. I have now decided this would be preferable to a stabby, messy pile of unraveling threads. Making it both easier to see, and safer. As you can see in the image, I used a hexagon punch to cut half shapes out of the sides of a piece of card stock. I doubled over the card for added stability, and wound the ribbons, securing each with a paperclip. I originally tried miniature pegs, as they were cute and the right size, but they kept falling off as I wound the following ribbon, and I gave up on it. Paper clips are also cheaper and easier to get at the local shop when I figure out I have much more ribbon than I thought.

The process is taking some time, but is working out nicely so far. I still have a whole bag of elastic, lace and ribbons still on their spools, too long to fit on the cards, or are unopened, to sort and find a storage solution. I have a bag of ribbons too short to bother putting on the cards. These will be good for making tiny bows, or if I want to buy more of something as a swatch.

Looking at my ribbon collection has made me see all the pretty ribbons that I have… But also makes me feel like buying more :/

It takes all SORTS…




So, lately, my arting sessions have consisted of me sitting on my couch watching Netflix, ever wary of a mountain of supplies that were carefully balanced on the cushion next to me, like a game of jenga. Any movement would cause a landslide, and cause any number of things to fall onto me or onto the floor. This clearly was not a valid storage solution. I decided that I needed a trolley. Something that would hold all my most used tools and items along with some current projects that I could move between rooms without causing any more back pain (I’m not supposed to move furniture -doctors orders.) I needed it to be mobile, as I often work in three different areas, depending on the situation and day, and using a trolley for the tools will clear up my workspace, while keeping all my tools in easy access.
Enter, the Draggan. I found this cart on the IKEA website, and found it was just right with a reasonable cost. I found this in the bathroom storage section, but I also looked at tea trolleys and salon drawer units. I knew I had a lot of tins and cups for brushes and pens so, I wanted something with shelves instead of drawers, preferably. All depends on your needs. You can easily put boxes, tins, magazine holders or dividers to suit your supplies.
Now that I have this one, I may need one with drawers for my sewing supplies. Maybe when I get around to being in the mood to sew. I’m in a drawing/nail art kick at the moment, with some stuff in the mail for that. Whoever thought it was a good idea to let me online shop… Was amazing. It’s so cool.



Just a quick update today. I’ve been busy working on a secret project. But while I had the paints out, I’ve nearly completed my pirate chest.
I covered it with texture and turned it into a money box. All I need to do is figure out a closing, and it’ll be ready for all my gold coins. I was thinking of supergluing a metal clasp from another box onto it, or maybe Velcro or a snap popper. I think I’ll try the clasp first, as it’ll look the best. Maybe I could try a bracelet clasp with chains. I’ll see what I have. It’s a small project, just for myself, so I’m not going to go and buy anything specifically for it. Maybe if I make more, for other people.



I ended up going with the no-research approach with this bowl. It’s working out rather nicely, but isn’t finished yet. I used a small container as a mould that was clear, which ended up being useful, as I could shine light through to see any thin spots to bulk up.
I can’t seem to get the pieces to look nice and smooth and non-fluffy or holey, if it’s too compacted. I’ve seen many pictures with nice, smooth finishes on them. Occasionally you see people trimming off the fuzzy bits, but it doesn’t seem to completely solve the issue for me.
Maybe that research would be a good idea, after all.



I needed to draw something last night, and this ended up on the back of some cardboard packaging. It’s a nice midtone, and a hell of a lot cheaper than buying grey or brown paper. I was cutting up food boxes that I had collected, so I could use them for die cutting and things. Layering three to five pieces of card die cuts together make a rather sturdy piece, which can be used as pendants and embellishments. When using packaging, you can layer so the plain side is outwards, then paint and seal the piece. You can use nail polish to paint it, put a coat glossy accents, make a layer of paper using the same die, punch a hole in each layer before gluing them together (make sure they line up) or even bend the piece while the glue is wet and make it keep a curved shape. Luckily, I have plenty of cardboard boxes, to craft with, that I’ve been hoarding, but slowly getting through.
My craft room is coming along slowly. I’ve got both bookshelves up now, but that involved moving a whole lot out of the way, which is taking up a lot of room in the middle somewhere. My cat thinks it’s a fun game to climb out of reach (knocking down boxes as she does,) and meow for pats all the time. The other cat like standing behind me when I’m moving boxes. The problem mainly with the room is I’ve spent a few years throwing things into boxes, without properly sorting or organising. That’s the problem with inspections every three months. By the time you get to the stage of it looking worse before it looks better, you need to rush to put things out of sight, not minding which box its in. So today I finally wound all my embroidery thread onto the cardboard holders (not sure why they aren’t sold on them) and began untangling the mess of my ribbon boxes. I know I’ll find more of these while sorting through, but if I leave it, I’ll run out of time again. I need to do this right. It will be more functional, and I will find things I never knew I had or have been looking for. It will be like going to the craft store without spending money!



Well… Today was interesting. I put up my second bookcase, I cleared a space for it in my craft room, made labels for boxes and broke one of my big shot acrylic plates. Oops.
I wasn’t thinking and put three sheets of felt on a big die, thinking it’ll be fine, and forgot to pull it back when it got hard to turn. I’ll have to pick up a new one when I can, although I can still use the larger piece in the mean time.
I used one of the tags dies and made a whole bunch of tags to tie to the handles of boxes for sorting my craft room. I made about 24 tags and I’m still thinking of boxes that will need labeling. At least by hand making them, I can make more as I need them and not worry about losing files or printing things.
I’ve recently begun my weight loss journey (for real this time, hehe) and cleaning this room is surely a workout – I’ll kill two birds with one stone.



I was waiting for a call today, that never came, but while I was waiting, I decided to cut apart one of the cupcake decorations, to see how many I’d get out of it. I thought I’d clip off a few wings trying to get complete butterflies, but with a small amount of effort, I was able to divide all the butterflies cleanly.
I remembered after yesterdays post that I had seen a lady in a video, a while ago, who kept a box on her desk of things that she’d bought but hadn’t used yet. This might be a good idea for me, as I tend to put things away and forget that I have them. Also being on your desk, makes you more likely to use them, in theory. I think I will need two boxes. One for new things to play with and one for current projects. I often get half way through a project and lose pieces, or have to stuff it in a box for inspection… I mean clean up. Perhaps I need a few bags so I can rotate projects and plan new ones, and put things together as I find them. I’ve seen a card maker do this with folders, but I’m not only working in 2D.
The troubles with being a multicrafter are plenty.



So…  I went shopping and got way over my carrying limit. Hope I’m not too sore tomorrow. But I did get all the cubes that I wanted for my book cases. I originally thought I’d get pink, blue and green, but they didn’t have green. I ended up with pink, blue, purple, black and white, which are all nice. They do need to be aired out, as they smell badly.
I also bought a letter die set from kaisercraft, which is nice and versatile. I was tossing up between this and a grass edge punch, but I’ll have more uses for this. I was a bit shocked to find a magnetic sheet within the packaging, without notice of it. If I had rested it on my computer, speakers or phone (anything with memory storage or magnetic parts) that could have been devastating. I know this is a common way to store them, but I’ve never bought dies that come with the magnetic sheets. Some notice would have been nice.
I got more white card. I tried looking for a hundred pack, but they only had them in every other colour. I will continue this quest another day, for now I will battle on with this small pack of 25.
I decided to get a magazine, since I haven’t bought one since before Christmas, and the stamp set that came with it was so diverse and pretty. It had a whole page with sentiments, hearts, babies, bride and groom, keys, a typewriter and more. I’m slowly getting all my stamps into a folder (as told previously) and it might go quicker bow that I have a clean desk…for now.
I found a white paint pen for cheap, which I can use for labeling dark things, or to put highlights and sparklies on images. It says they write on ceramic, so I might have to play with that later on.
As I was hobbling out the shop with my twelve boxes (so heavy!), I came across some lacy paper cupcake sleeve things. I’m not the best at baking, but I didn’t think of these for cakes. I was drawn to the butterfly pattern, but there was two for five dollars, so I found another quickly, a lattice design. Apart from just sticking these to a card, I could cut out the butterflies, or use these as stencils. I try to think of at least two uses before I buy something, and this passed that test.
I’ll just put them in the pile with all the other things to do.