I have some great news! This week, I sold my first ever piece of art! It was a commission for a friend, and she was more than generous in her offer for my skills. I can’t show you the piece I sold, but I will show you what I bought.

My partner and I always agreed that any money I earn doing art should be invested into art supplies, and I certainly lived up to that. In hopes of future commissions, I bought a large pack of artist quality pencils, which will assist in furthering my art skills.

I put off buying expensive supplies, as I wanted to be sufficient enough to feel I’ve earned them. Selling the piece of art was my first set of proof to myself that I earned a level up in my supplies. I am still getting used to the high pigment and easy blending of the pencils, but it is certainly a nice change.

Along with the pencils, I recieved a free mandala colouring book. I usually wouldn’t use high quality pencils for colouring, but this book has thick, textured drawing paper, which was ideal to try my new pencils on while I was thinking of things to draw.

I also picked up some Canson drawing paper, for special pieces of art I want to do, a colourless blending stick, to go with the pencils, a potluck paper pack, two needle felting kits, and a grass growing kit for my cats. 

This journey towards being an artist that sells art been exciting, scary, happy and exhausting, but I am eager to keep going, even if I take it slowly. Art is my passion, I’m going to do it regardless of whether it takes me places.

I art, therefore, I am.



We had a great stream on Tuesday, where I scanned in a comic that I drew and coloured it in over the two hours. I didn’t quite finish at the time, so here it is completed.

I used both Paint Tool SAI for the linework, and used Photoshop for colouring and text. My friend attempted to teach me how to used clipping masks, after she was appalled at how basic my skills were. I’m mostly self taught, so I tend to do things the hard and tedious way.  I really should but some effort into learning the programs, so I can use that extra energy and time on improving my art skills.

I am very enthusiastic at the moment towards improving my digital art, as I would like to sell prints one day. There is a plethora of obstacles between now and then, and the easiest to control is practicing and improving my art. I have been looking at websites like CGSociety for inspiration, where artists submit their high quality digital art. It’s easy to be jealous and feel inadequate when looking at these galleries, but I just remember that I’m striving to be better and am constantly learning. Just because I can’t stand up to the standards of them yet, doesn’t mean I never will, and gives me a goal to aim for.

At least I’m a good drawer.


These are a few of my favourite things.

This piece was highly enjoyable to draw, as it was nice to thing of my favourite things and was a nice break from all the annoying things that happened this week.

Both my phone and my computer decided to have issues on the same night. This means any art that I have made on either one has the chance of being lost forever (unless I’ve posted it on here). Over the last four years, that’s a lot of pieces. What’s even worse is that I had been planning to transfer all my important pieces to cloud storage recently, and it was all a matter of putting it into a certain folder on my computer. So very frustrating. Luckily I had a spare phone so I can still post here, and I’m still creating to keep busy.

Playing around with watercolours while without my computer. Kind of a cubist jumble of colour. An exercise in straight lines and watering down the colour so it faded into the paper.

I had a very in depth discussion today about my art and whether it’s good enough to sell. I’m feeling pretty good about it now, but lacking access to my digital art tools, I decided to try some ideas on small pieces of card. This picture was produced as a result. When I finished, I noticed she looks a lot like my Raspberry Sheep avatar version of me, and would look great on a business card. Unfortunately, I am going to an event tomorrow which they would be useful at, but it’s far too late to make them up now. If only I had thought of it earlier.

I guess this is a lesson about planning ahead and backing up files.



Sorry it’s been ages since I posted, it’s been one of THOSE months.

In other news, I hand sewed this bunny for a future human. He’s nice and soft and cuddly and baby proof. I’m always wary of what to give babies, and don’t even trust safety eyes, that’s why his eyes are just embroidered circles. I may go over them and add a mouth, but I’m not sure. I got a bit sick of hand stitching half way through, as it was getting painful, so one I had finished that, I put him to the side for a bit while my hands recovered.

I had a dream about buying some pink fabric to make a bear, so I feel as though I need to make a pink bear, now. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything like the fabric from my dream, so I’ll have to figure that out. May take some improvising or a shopping trip.

I’m madly trying to design more t-shirts to sell online. I need to start focusing on finishing designs so I can start earning something for my work.

I’d better get some sleep. I’m getting sick on top of everything else (thanks to my other half) and need some rest. ❤



We are live people!

My design is available at the Spreadshirt online shop, named BioGlow. You can find it Here.

Yay! Now i have to go work on some of my more in depth designs.

(Ps. I made it into a men’s shirt, as they seem to have a better fit, and more sizes.)



Despite being a normal day, even one where I didn’t do a lot of drawing, today was rather special. I finally made the first step towards selling.
But first, here’s a picture I drew following a tutorial on how to draw a cat.
This morning, I had to get up early and wait for a delivery, so I was doodling and thinking about shirt designs. I needed a break from space-cat today and decided to make a simple, retro design that I thought my partner would like.
Within an hour I’d thought up the idea, drew it, and edited it, ready for uploading to a printing site. I chose Spreadshirt, as I know a few people who have used them, and they’ve been good so far. So I had to make an account, change password, fill in forms, change username, change password again, try to upload my image, shrink image, upload image, make product and wait for verification that I hadn’t infringed any copyrights. After all that this morning, I’m still waiting for it to show up in the shop. It said there would be a delay, and I’ve waited all day, so it’s hopefully going to be there tomorrow. I’ll let you guys know.
Since I didn’t spend much time on it at all, and wanted to keep the cost down, I set my cut quite low, just to test the waters. For more detailed work, I’ll put it higher, as you can attach a price to each design that you upload, which is then added to the cost of production for the total.
I’m quite excited and nervous, but this is probably a safe first step to take into the selling world. Just hope it lists soon.



Welcome to all my new followers! My partner and one of our friends double teamed a recruitment drive behind my back, so I have a whole pile of new audience members on Facebook and Twitter. Remember you guys can chat to me and ask me questions on any of these sites, and as long as my phone notifies me, I’ll be able to get back to you as soon as I can! Find me on Facebook at https://facebook.com/raspberrysheep6, and Twitter @raspberrysheep6.
Ok, as for the sketches, they are a couple of shirt ideas that I started on. The first is a heavy metal guitarist, as requested by my partner, as we are both heavy metal fans, so I began sketching him. While I was drawing, I was sent a video review about the cat bag with the bubble window in it. The cat in the video was so adorable and looked like it was in a spaceship, so I wanted to draw him in a spacesuit, and thought it’d make a good shirt, too. Hbed  is the video that inspired me.
My partner saw one of my posts, where I was complaining about wanting to get paid for art that people want me to do. He was adamant that commissions was the way to go, until I could find a way to explain that there is a lot of contact and communication needed when working out the brief for the pieces. I’m not quite ready for that kind of communication, but he really wanted to help me to get the ball rolling, so he’s decided to help me out with starting up shop, and motivating me with my art. This is keeping me quite positive at the moment, so we’ll see how we go.
For now, it’s bed time. Gnight.



I’m not quite sure where this idea came from. That’s usually when I make the best things, and go into a slight creative trance, while watching TV shows.
I’ve also been doing some paper mache for a project for the cats, so I managed to half cover myself in gesso, which is always fun.
Just before bed, I printed out some T-shirt outlines to try and come up with some designs. I think my partner is getting tired of me talking about selling my art, and not actually doing it. I just wish there was a way I could do the art someone tells me, then they talk to people and sell things, then they give me some money… A bit like a job, really… But where I can be at home with minimal deadlines. Mmm.



I downloaded an app to my smart phone, which is a simple paint program. I use it to jot down ideas that I can’t put into words, and capture images that are in my head whenever and wherever I am. Because it’s all digital, when I’m at my computer, I transfer the file and work on it with my proper tablet and Photoshop. This saves going through the scanning process, which isn’t too bad, but my printer doesn’t like my computer at random times. This also means I don’t need to carry pens and a range of pencils, a sharpener, an eraser and a blending stump (my basic travel art kit.) I did find a stylus, which works with any smart phone touch surface, that is nice, because I don’t lose the pen-in-hand feeling that I love when drawing. Even when I’m nervous holding something like a pencil in my hand is helpful. Perhaps, because I’ve always seen art as a way to have control over something when you feel you don’t have control over anything else. You control where the line goes, what the figures are doing, or what they look like. It may be small, but for me, it’s been a coping mechanism at times.
I thought recently about drawing digistamps for people to use and perhaps buy. My partner was concerned that once one person buys it, they will discard the terms of use and distribute the file openly, without me having any way to prevent this. He does have a point, but I thought about it, and piracy doesn’t stop artists creating music. There is rarely reward without risk. Perhaps by trusting people, they might not abuse your business. Besides, what are the chances they’ll copy a no name artist, line art image created for card making. I’m not looking to charge a lot for them. In fact, I thought of digistamps so I could keep cost low, without materials to buy and use.
Just another hurdle in the journey of artisthood.