Hey, everyone, how are you? I’ve had a bit on my mind lately, but today I actually remembered to blog. I was doing some paper mache after being inspired by YouTube. I started by covering a polystyrene ball for a later project, and it developed into coveing a lightbulb, a small container, and creating a vase for fake flowers out of card.

Here, it’s upsidedown.

It wasn’t a good idea to start a messy project so close to a house inspection, but I was inspired, and couldn’t resist. To be fair, I have a few messier projects in mind, so this was fairly safe on the list.

I try to keep you guys up to date… But no promises, heh.


I haven’t died… Yet. Suffering from all the wonderful winter bugs, as well as adapting to a less flexible lifestyle ( not figuratively, I’m not allowed to bend or twist my back anymore). So all has been a challenge, but I have been paper macheing all over the lounge while binge watching in front of the heater.

As I haven’t taken any pictures to show you. I thought I’d take this opportunity to show of my two gorgeous cats. They’re so lovely… When they’re sleeping.
The black and white Tuxedo terror is named Charlie, and the grey sweetheart is Willow. The photos don’t do her coat justice. 

Ok, I have to remember this is my craft blog, and stop fawning over my kiddens. I’m going to rest up so I can get back to creating!

Go forth and create!



This will be handy…
I’ve been very busy working on my competition entry that I mentioned. I’ve barely even touched other projects. While this is good for focus, I’m beginning to go crazy and worrying whether it’s good enough. However, I decided to give myself a break tonight to save some of my sanity. I decided to make my own hand.
Easy to do. I got a disposable rubber glove, put it on my non dominant hand, and proceeded to cover with masking tape. When covered, I cut a slit, on the palm, just big enough to wiggle my hand out, then taped the cut back up. I then filled it with tissues and notebook paper before taping the hole up.
My next step will be to do a cover of paper mache and I might paint it and put fake nails on.
There’s no practical use I have for this. I don’t wear rings for it to be a ring holder. I just needed something quick and easy to do that wasn’t the picture.
There is about a week left of the competition time, and I have to finish the picture soon, so I don’t go too crazy.
Maybe too late for that…



I’m not quite sure where this idea came from. That’s usually when I make the best things, and go into a slight creative trance, while watching TV shows.
I’ve also been doing some paper mache for a project for the cats, so I managed to half cover myself in gesso, which is always fun.
Just before bed, I printed out some T-shirt outlines to try and come up with some designs. I think my partner is getting tired of me talking about selling my art, and not actually doing it. I just wish there was a way I could do the art someone tells me, then they talk to people and sell things, then they give me some money… A bit like a job, really… But where I can be at home with minimal deadlines. Mmm.



Just a quick update today. I’ve been busy working on a secret project. But while I had the paints out, I’ve nearly completed my pirate chest.
I covered it with texture and turned it into a money box. All I need to do is figure out a closing, and it’ll be ready for all my gold coins. I was thinking of supergluing a metal clasp from another box onto it, or maybe Velcro or a snap popper. I think I’ll try the clasp first, as it’ll look the best. Maybe I could try a bracelet clasp with chains. I’ll see what I have. It’s a small project, just for myself, so I’m not going to go and buy anything specifically for it. Maybe if I make more, for other people.



I had no choice but to go to the doctors today to get a script. I wasn’t happy about leaving my cozy station that I had set up to do some Christmas themed embossing.
To take the sting out of sitting in a waiting room for two hours with screaming children and snotty women, I decided to buy some craft supplies. I’m not sure how much of a reward this was, as I had to spend my own money. Luckily I didn’t go too crazy.
I found some paper pirate chests that you fold and decorate yourself. I thought it would be nice to cover it with paper mache for texture and sturdiness. When I put it together, the lid was just a strange flap that you tuck in to close. I performed a little bit of paper surgery, and turned it into a proper lid. I can add a clasp or something later, if I decide to. There are six boxes in the pack, so I have some to play with.
I also got a bag of craft foam off cuts. This will be great for cutting out letters and shapes on my Big Shot, as well as freehand. Most of the pieces are adhesive already, but I have plenty of double sided sticker sheets left.
I picked up some supplies for card making, like rhinestones and number stickers as well.
I should get to bed. It’s been a very long day, and there isn’t enough money or craft stores to keep me sane without some beauty sleep.



Between cleaning, I’ve been working on my new colouring book. This piece is the third one that I’ve worked on, as the others weren’t working as I had hoped. I used masking fluid to cover the lines and applied quite a few layers of straight blue watercolour. In the previous picture I painted, I chose a colour that I had to mix, and didn’t mask before painting it. This resulted in a horrible mottled look  that looks rather muddy, as I had to mix purple myself, and that rarely goes well. Combined with the fact that I had to use a small brush so I didn’t paint over the already painted flowers, and I had to keep mixing more of the colour, it seemed doomed from the start.
This time, I took a bit more time planning, putting light layers and building up colour, which makes it nicer, even and easier to fix mistakes.
I was painting this with a lamp on, and with a small brush doing touch ups after removing the masking fluid, and I felt like an illustrator, which was cool.
Other than that, I’ve been shuffling through a great big pile of catalogues that I’ve collected, looking for images for the bottle cap pendants. I have quite a few now, I’m even having to cut back on the images, in case I run out of domes. I guess I can keep them for later. I’m always looking for inspiration and images, and I can buy more domes or use resin another time. The left over paper is mostly being cut into pieces to be used for paper mache. I had an urge to make a really big paper mache sculpture, like a chair or something. Not sure how I’ll go with my motivation on big projects. I’m only at the start of the thinking process though, perhaps a fancy cat bed or footstool would be much better. I came up with an idea for a scratching post as well. So much to do!



Another run out of money day at the city craft store.
I bought some lovely red fabric to make a top the other day, but I realised that I looked at the wrong top measurements, so I decided to buy more fabric, making sure I got plenty extra. I chose a nice plain navy cotton broadcloth that could be a bit dressy. I made sure to get matching zips, thread and bias binding. This pattern will be quite a challenge for me, which is partially why I picked simple, cheap fabrics. That way, I can practice a few times before I get some fancier fabrknock haven’t tried a pattern like this before, so I’ll have to double read the instructions.
I also found an artists colouring book. It’s like the whole new adult colouring, but on gorgeous thick paper that will hold watercolour and marker ink greatly.  It’s called ‘Secret Garden’ by Johanna Basford, and is filled with lovely floral designs.
I love the fact that this new colouring trend is getting people into the creative, artistic groove, but I’ve always used colouring books as an exercise for my art. Using the simple child’s images and turning them into properly coloured artworks is fun. You can work on colour theory without having to draw an image first, or even modify the images if you like. The point is that you shouldn’t knock something just because it’s deemed childish. I have a box full of pompoms and making supplies, I use paper mache all the time and I have a load of colouring books. These things can be adapted to an adults level, but are intended to bring out a persons creativity. We learn by playing, which is why kids need to play. The problem is, most people stop playing when they decide they’re too old.
You are never too old to learn, so you are never too old to play.



The funny thing about efficiency is that I had to stop what I was doing to make something to help production. I’m making something for someone, that needs a lot of pinning. I bought cheap pins so I could get more, but cheap ones are often less sharp. I saw a pincushion on the internet that used steel wool in the cushion to sharpen the pins as you stick them in.
I thought I found some steel wool without soap, but now I have weird smelling green powdered soap everywhere. I used it anyway, so hopefully it will be fine. The box says rust free, so that’s useful.
Luckily, I have a drawer full of painted and decorated boxes to choose from, saving time.
Now, back to pinning.