Some of my skills include copying images or techniques, quickly learning, and forgetting to blog on a regular basis.

It’s Pokémon fanart time!

Today I drew all my favourite Pokémon onto a card the same size as my phone, so I could use it in the case, like my last image I posted about. I mainly wanted to practice my colouring, and thought I’d be practical at the same time, as I was struggling to think of other images to put into my phone case.

The technique I used for this drawing was lightly sketching with a mechanical pencil, blocking in colour with my alcohol markers, then shading and adding detail with coloured pencils. I used both Copics and Touchfive brand markers, as I haven’t bought a complete set of either, so I needed colours from both. As for the pencils, I was trying to practice using Prismacolors, but I only have a small amount, and used them in conjunction with some nice Crayola pencils. These brands are very different to each other, and I’m used to working with harder pencils like regular Crayola and Faber Castell sets, but I’m looking into buying a nice set of Prismacolors, so I can move towards making some higher grade pieces in the future.

I’m also trying out some new techniques in the digital arts, and hopefully will get some pieces done to show you and perhaps go on some shirts.

Gotta learn them all!




Lately, with all the excitement with the shirts and selling, I’ve managed to begin a great big pile of works in progress. This was making me feel a bit overwhelmed and exhausted, but I still wanted to draw.
Somehow, my solution involved beginning a new piece of artwork.
I was watching YouTube and came across this competition with Draw with Jazza. I thought it might be a good idea to refresh ideas and keep me focused on something with a deadline and do some research and development sketches, working towards a final goal. These steps are often left out of my pieces, as I am too impatient.
I won’t go into any details of my ideas, incase any of you end up applying. 😉
I’d love to get some lovely bristol board or something to do it on, so I can use Copics or watercolour without worrying about too much bleeding or warping. I guess I can have a look at the art shop after pay day.



Hey guys, I have been cleaning again. Craft is fun until you have to clean up.
In my breaks, I have been drawing and watching speedpaint videos on YouTube. I haven’t been able to show you any, as I’ve just been practising techniques and copying pictures, so this was one of the only things that I could show as my own. It’s not great by any means. There was no planning or forethought, as I was just messing around while I recovered enough to get back to cleaning.
I’ve realised recently, that I don’t need to sit down and come up with a brilliant drawing on the spot, and that it often takes preparation and planning to get the right poses and composition and everything. This never occurred to me, despite it being a necessity when I did my art courses for year 12 Life Drawing and Calligraphy. I always thought this was a useless step and never really helped in the final project, as I wanted to keep to the original idea and not evolve it in any way. I think, now might be the time for me to utilise this planning thing. I have my life planner, and now I need my art planner. I’ve written out a list of just a few of the ideas that I want to draw, so I can sketch and plan when I don’t feel like making anything big, or I’m just doodling.
Well, that’s the plan, anyway.



Getting Christmas back on track.
My partner blabbed to someone that they were getting one of my Christmas cards, so, on the way to find the duct tape to silence him, I started gluing together layers of Christmas paper and writing a calligraphy message to our friend receiving this card.
I’ve already remade half the mess that I had cleaned, again, so I may as well get stuck into card making. I have small boxes filled with layering papers, sentiments, images and ribbon, so I should be able to get some done easily. Perhaps, tomorrow, I’ll put a Christmas card making playlist on YouTube, and craft along, collecting ideas as I go.



Another run out of money day at the city craft store.
I bought some lovely red fabric to make a top the other day, but I realised that I looked at the wrong top measurements, so I decided to buy more fabric, making sure I got plenty extra. I chose a nice plain navy cotton broadcloth that could be a bit dressy. I made sure to get matching zips, thread and bias binding. This pattern will be quite a challenge for me, which is partially why I picked simple, cheap fabrics. That way, I can practice a few times before I get some fancier fabrknock haven’t tried a pattern like this before, so I’ll have to double read the instructions.
I also found an artists colouring book. It’s like the whole new adult colouring, but on gorgeous thick paper that will hold watercolour and marker ink greatly.  It’s called ‘Secret Garden’ by Johanna Basford, and is filled with lovely floral designs.
I love the fact that this new colouring trend is getting people into the creative, artistic groove, but I’ve always used colouring books as an exercise for my art. Using the simple child’s images and turning them into properly coloured artworks is fun. You can work on colour theory without having to draw an image first, or even modify the images if you like. The point is that you shouldn’t knock something just because it’s deemed childish. I have a box full of pompoms and making supplies, I use paper mache all the time and I have a load of colouring books. These things can be adapted to an adults level, but are intended to bring out a persons creativity. We learn by playing, which is why kids need to play. The problem is, most people stop playing when they decide they’re too old.
You are never too old to learn, so you are never too old to play.



Figured out the copy function on my printer finally. Since it has so much trouble connecting to my computer, it was much easier to take it out of the equation. I printed one of the pictures at 70% onto regular white card, so I could use my Copics. The page was larger than A4, so I had to fill back on the bottom of the picture. There wasn’t room to fix the top of the wing. It was fun to do, and I quite like the results. I could use this on a card, but I think I might frame it instead. I’m not sure yet.



Bunny is coming along nicely.
Just need to finish and attach some arms, and decide where to put the eyes. She’ll need some buttons on her dress, too.
I’ve figured out that to get it smoother, you have to wipe your finger across the surface to hold down the long bits, and work them in. Also, if you switch to a smaller needle to finish the outer layers, it’ll have less big holes in the end, despite taking longer. It’s worth the effort to make it look nice.
I found the flesh coloured yarn that I wanted, just before bed, so I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, and work on the doll further. I’m not sure how I’m going to work the hair. Maybe making it a static felted ponytail will be the best action, so it doesn’t need care or styling.
I considered the other day getting plain white wool, and seeing if I could colour it with copic markers, after I’ve made the figure. I’m yet to try it, as I don’t have any white wool, but I do have some yarn (which I used for the bunny’s collar.) Perhaps I’ll try it on this, or even on the yellow wool.



No, I haven died of blood loss, I’ve just been experimenting with needle felting, doing small projects that aren’t very documentable.
I had to take a break from stabbing to make a card last night, for my partners brother. I had no idea what to put on there. My partner came up with a ‘simple’ idea, which was more elaborate than the one I made. It took about an hour, which I created while waiting for a download, so he could go to bed.
I don’t like making cards too close to the giving, as I like to use wet glue to adhere a lot of pieces, or glossy accents, both needing at least two hours to dry, but preferably 12 hours, for the glue to cure. This ensures it has the strongest bond it can, before going into the envelope and being jiggled around. I love me some PVA.



I went into the city to have lunch with my partner and go to the craft shops. I set aside two hours to shop, but I ran out of money in half an hour. I bought green and black fabric for the beanbag chair and also a zip for it.
I’d seen a few cards lately using a branch punch, so I wanted to see what I could do with one. Apart from wreaths and foliage behind flowers, it could be used for reindeer antlers, distant large trees… Or close up small trees. I was going to get the large one, which cost almost double, but this one is quite a nice size still (2.5cm/1 inch high.) If I need a larger amount of branches, I can just add more pieces.
I’m the kind of person who is rather clumsy, especially with food and always gets stains on my shirts. One of these shirts is a lovely white batman shirt with a lovely chocolate stain on Batman’s face. In an effort to cover this stain, I thought I could add a little artistic flair and add some yellow fabric marker to lessen the noticeability of the stain. I had a packet of sharpie fabric markers, but I didn’t have any yellows, which would suit not only this shirt, but a Transformers Bumblebee shirt that I’d like to add some colour to.
The only problem with buying this stuff today is, when I got home, I found out we have yet another inspection (a month early. :/) So my plans of completing my craft room properly, along with any other plans will be put on hold, and rushed to be tidy.
I don’t think they’ll believe we have two junk rooms…