Hey guys, I have been pretty absent lately. I know because Facebook told me I haven’t posted in a while. The only reason for my absence is that I didn’t have much to say. I still don’t, but I have plenty of pictures from playing around with my new pencils.

Phew. That’s a lot. At least I’m getting used to them. I have a load of ideas to use my pencils on in the future, so I’ll try to remember to post more often. 

Until then, keep calm and colour in.


Some of my skills include copying images or techniques, quickly learning, and forgetting to blog on a regular basis.

It’s Pokémon fanart time!

Today I drew all my favourite Pokémon onto a card the same size as my phone, so I could use it in the case, like my last image I posted about. I mainly wanted to practice my colouring, and thought I’d be practical at the same time, as I was struggling to think of other images to put into my phone case.

The technique I used for this drawing was lightly sketching with a mechanical pencil, blocking in colour with my alcohol markers, then shading and adding detail with coloured pencils. I used both Copics and Touchfive brand markers, as I haven’t bought a complete set of either, so I needed colours from both. As for the pencils, I was trying to practice using Prismacolors, but I only have a small amount, and used them in conjunction with some nice Crayola pencils. These brands are very different to each other, and I’m used to working with harder pencils like regular Crayola and Faber Castell sets, but I’m looking into buying a nice set of Prismacolors, so I can move towards making some higher grade pieces in the future.

I’m also trying out some new techniques in the digital arts, and hopefully will get some pieces done to show you and perhaps go on some shirts.

Gotta learn them all!


Even though there was a lack of stream last week, the week before proved interesting in the creativity department.

Many potatoes were to be had.

Let me know if you recognise any of these ‘taters, and see if you can name them all.

In more current news, I went shopping yesterday for the first time in a long time, especially without going to the doctors to drain all my energy first. Yay!

I bought a small packet of plastic tools for clay, a set of three waterbrushes in various sizes, and an A5 watercolour paper pad.

I was eager to try out my new supplies, so I began painting without a plan, which began as leaf shapes, expanding across the page.

When I began, I was still getting used to the flow of water in the brush, and it’s very thin, irregular shapes and densities. As I progressed, and became more familiar with the brush, I was able to regulate the flow better, making the leaves more regular, even and smaller as I gained control. I’ll have to make a similar practice for the other brushes in the packet, as they all have different flows.

Go with the flow, yo.


I recently found inspiration towards trying a drawing style challenge, where you use yourself, or original characters, to practice a variety of different cartoon and people’s art styles. Usually, I create fan art, by drawing others characters in my own style, so this is a great reversal to try out. Above is the characters I have chosen to use in the challenge, they are a stylised version of my partner and I, which were in a webcomic I started a few years ago. Even drawing my own characters felt unusual, as I have changed my style and learned so much since then, that I can see things that I want to change. Hopefully this exercise will help me upgrade my characters, and maybe give some inspiration to get back into the comic making.

The first sketch I did, once I had redrawn my original characters, was inspired by Rick and Morty. I thought I should probably base us on the adults, as we are those now, so we’re loosely based on Morty’s parents. Though I couldn’t help putting the mouth that Morty gets when he doesn’t understand something, on me, as it’s pretty much my resting face, anyway.
I have been compiling a list of cartoons and styles that I know of, and looking at references, as well as starting on my Disney versions. I like looking like a princess.

Stay stylish, my peeps.



Today, I watched a chibi drawing tutorial by Yamio. She has the cutest voice, and adorable drawings, so I really like her YouTube channel. This tutorial is really good, especially as it teaches you to create chibi characters, but not as a step by step, but shows way that you can choose what you like and pick and mix to create your own style.
I attempted one, thinking about shapes and ‘beans’, but it seemed a little static, causing the second one to be super dynamic, which produced a nice doll-like figure.
I’m trying to come up with little pictures, so that I can practice inking with a dip pen, as an exercise. I’m drawing them on printer paper, so that I can put it on my diy light table (glass table with a lamp under it,) and easily see through the thin paper.
I’d like to create some colouring pages in this way. I can draw a bunch of separate doodles, and draw them into one piece on the light box. This also means I don’t have to worry about erasing pencil beneath the ink, which is always a gamble.
If you don’t have a light box or glass table, you can use a window, or stuck a battery torch into an upside down plastic box with a smooth base. Just keep an eye on the heat that might build. Previously, I have used a piece of glass between two chairs with a bedside lamp under it.
Arting is often 90% improvising.



In celebration of not having to stare at my competition entry today this happened.
I was urged to stop working on my painting when my partner found me moping in front of the computer looking up other entries and panicking. This will stop me overworking the picture, and panicking in the last few days, which I can spend on getting the photo right and entering it calmly before it’s due.
Unfortunately, my scanner is slightly too small to get the whole picture, and coloured pencil comes out horrible and mottled. I took some photos, which will work. I will post all about it in the next few days, as I need to link to a work-in-progress photo in the entry.
As for the picture I created today, I used a piece of nice watercolour paper, and as I had all my coloured pencils and watercolour pencils out, I decided to use them. I sketched this out about a month ago when I was having a bad day. My other half has learned that the best way to keep me from turning bad days into curling up and crying is to set me challenges. He’s quite creative in doing this and they can be fun. On this occasion I was in a lot of pain and he decided to pick a card from a box of Magic the Gathering cards at random. This took a few tries, as he kept picking ones with suffering and pain damage, and I didn’t need a reminder of that. Finally he picked out a creature called a “sliver” which are covered in tentacles and spikes and spines. He wanted me to copy the picture on the card, but instead I took it as inspiration to make a glamour model.
It kind of reminds me of the baby alien in Men in Black.



Bed sheet practice!
At some time over the past few years, I must have been very tired, as I began following a tumblr blog that is dedicated to pictures of cozy beds. They are nice to look at, and I found one that was completely white with a crumpled up sheet. I immediately thought that it would make excellent practice for a white on white cloth shading exercise. It was nice spending some time on this. It had the calming effect of colouring, but exercising my drawing skills at the same time. I used my 6H (really hard pencil) to render in the shadows, as a light base, then used a much softer pencil, maybe a 2B for the dark parts.
The harder the pencil is, the lighter the line it gives, and less graphite is left on the page. If the pencil is soft, the graphite leaves a lot more behind when drawing, making it darker, and doesn’t stay sharp for long at all. So this means, a 9H would be extremely hard and light, a 9B is very soft and dark. The scale begins at 9H, through to H (like 1H but it doesn’t have a number) then there’s a F, HB then into the B’s from B to 9B. The H stands for Hard, the B stands for blackness, and the F stands for Fine point. HB is usually a standard writing pencil that is used in schools, it is right in the centre of the scale, being dark enough to read, but not too dark that it’s hard to erase. 2B is often a recommended drawing pencil, as it is a bit softer, allowing you to get some nice contrast as you learn different pressures of shading.
I’m unsure if this system is universal, as I’ve heard of the #2 pencil from America, but this is the way I know it.
One of my favourite pencils is the 4B. It’s really dark and it’s hard to keep a point on it, but for days when you don’t know what to draw, you can produce some tattoo looking line art and block in colour easily while just doodling. You certainly don’t need the whole range of pencils, maybe just one you like. You can usually try them out at the shop.
That was sudden. Next impromptu lesson might be about papers…



Gah. Looks wonky now that I look at it at a distance. Need more practice.

Today I discovered an artist named Genevieve Kay. She has a few videos on YouTube and a lovely website for her illustrations as well as a tumblr. She does a lot of fanart of mainly Disney, but not exclusively. I was intrigued by her style, and made a few sketches. After copying a couple, I tried my own character with her style. It was a lot more simplified than what I usually try to draw, so it turned out better, I think. I learnt a lot from this study, as she does a lot of work in a three quarter front view, which I’ve always had trouble gauging how to foreshorten the back eye and where to place the iris.
So, check out Genevieve Kay. I think she has an Etsy shop and sells shirt designs and small hand drawn artist cards.



I quite like this drawing.
I decided to make a prompt sheet. By writing a column of nouns, one of verbs and one of adjectives. I then used a couple of can tabs and drew what they fell on. I ended up with ‘fancy’, ‘elf’ and ‘playing with animals’.
This simple prompt allowed plenty of freedom, and I could even get the same prompt and come up with a male elf playing with wolves in a fancy dress costume. Could even be a pixie playing with butterflies in a ball gown. I have seen lists done with dice where each die represents a column, and each item is numbered. The lists don’t even have to be these three things. When making a monster, it could be whether it has horns, or how many eyes it has. Maybe even just picking three words from the dictionary at random and force a connection.
I’d like to make a giant list and program it into a generator. There are a few out there, but I haven’t found the perfect one for me.
I also realised that this doesn’t have to be the final picture. I can redraw it, making the cat more realistic, or change her pose. I could colour it in, and I’d like to make it bigger.
But for now, I’m exhausted. Finally finished cleaning and need my beauty sleep. Good night everyone.