Hai guys! I’ve been absent for a bit lately due to the unfortunate system that is our current internet and my unfortunate health issues. Fortunately, we will get better internet soon, and my virus is going away so I’ll be left with only my usual illnesses… Yey.

As for the arts and crafts, I have continued my creativity through this tough patch, and they might need disinfecting.

My main source of inspiration was in the form of a YouTube video by Monique Renee about how to draw faces. Despite doing some life drawing classes, and creating characters since primary school, I still watch these instructional videos to see how others work and learn new ways to break down objects into shapes. I hadn’t seen a tutorial with this method in it before, and after sketching a few versions, it is an effective method for creating a good looking face, that you can vary easily to create different people. (Although this isn’t a problem for me, I have more trouble drawing the same face twice.)

Here are some of my attempts using Monique Renee’s method of drawing faces in various stages of completion.

You can find the Face tutorial here.

I miscalculated the amount of time I hadn’t blogged for, and have a bit more to show you, but I have forgotten to photo it all. When I remember, I’ll try to show you guys all the things, but I think I’ll end it here for tonight.

Thanks for watching! Bubye!


We had a great stream on Tuesday, where I scanned in a comic that I drew and coloured it in over the two hours. I didn’t quite finish at the time, so here it is completed.

I used both Paint Tool SAI for the linework, and used Photoshop for colouring and text. My friend attempted to teach me how to used clipping masks, after she was appalled at how basic my skills were. I’m mostly self taught, so I tend to do things the hard and tedious way.  I really should but some effort into learning the programs, so I can use that extra energy and time on improving my art skills.

I am very enthusiastic at the moment towards improving my digital art, as I would like to sell prints one day. There is a plethora of obstacles between now and then, and the easiest to control is practicing and improving my art. I have been looking at websites like CGSociety for inspiration, where artists submit their high quality digital art. It’s easy to be jealous and feel inadequate when looking at these galleries, but I just remember that I’m striving to be better and am constantly learning. Just because I can’t stand up to the standards of them yet, doesn’t mean I never will, and gives me a goal to aim for.

At least I’m a good drawer.


Even though there was a lack of stream last week, the week before proved interesting in the creativity department.

Many potatoes were to be had.

Let me know if you recognise any of these ‘taters, and see if you can name them all.

In more current news, I went shopping yesterday for the first time in a long time, especially without going to the doctors to drain all my energy first. Yay!

I bought a small packet of plastic tools for clay, a set of three waterbrushes in various sizes, and an A5 watercolour paper pad.

I was eager to try out my new supplies, so I began painting without a plan, which began as leaf shapes, expanding across the page.

When I began, I was still getting used to the flow of water in the brush, and it’s very thin, irregular shapes and densities. As I progressed, and became more familiar with the brush, I was able to regulate the flow better, making the leaves more regular, even and smaller as I gained control. I’ll have to make a similar practice for the other brushes in the packet, as they all have different flows.

Go with the flow, yo.


Hey guys! Did ya miss me? Did you notice me gone? Lol. I’ve been around, and arting, but haven’t blogged in so long.

I’ve gotten myself back into streaming on Twitch (twitch.tv/raspberrysheep tuesdays 8-10pm australian CST) and that takes a lot of energy. Here’s some fanart that I drew a couple of weeks ago‚Äč for a locally developed game, Hollow Knight.

Turns out, he’s a ghost, not a bunny.

Last week, I drew potatoes, that were dressed up as game characters. Fun had for all…

Other than streaming, I’ve been playing a lot of my favourite game series, Final Fantasy, and drawing in my grey toned sketchbook. This lead me to this fanart of a chocobo.

I copied him from the Final Fantasy VII official concept art, but did most of the shading without looking. When I was little, I would make little paper chocobos out of construction paper and tape, in all different colours and sizes. They were mainly boxes with triangles taped to them, but they were fun to make. 

Good games often make me want to create arts and crafts for them, which means I only get to play in short bursts, as the urge to create gets overwhelming. I guess this is how fan art came to be.

Stay cool, guys. 



Oops! In all the fun and confusion of figuring out live streaming, I’ve forgotten to blog! I’ll try to remember to blog what I’ve done on the streams, for those not able to attend.
Since I’ve been putting a bit of time into digital painting, and getting sore after using the pen for three hours, I needed a break, and am trying some watercolours again. I found a hardcover sketchbook that I bought years ago, but didnt get around to use, as although it was fairly cheap, it has nice paper and was saving it for something nice. I figured since my drawing has been going so well, I thought it was time to use the nice paper. It has a nice grain to it, and as I trialed today, is lovely at absorbing water. The paper is actually a lot nicer than buying cheap watercolour paper, and I have quite a lot of pages in the book.
Now you may have noticed my newly developed “ice cube try as pallette” technique. The steps are complicated, but try to keep up… find a cheap or old ice cube tray… and use it as a paint pallette. Since watercolours are activated with water, it doesn’t matter if they dry in the pallette. A tackle box is also great for this, as it has a lid to keep dust out. Alternatively, use plastic wrap over your pallette. This only works with watercolours, and gouache, NOT acrylic or oils.
So, this piece isn’t finished, I have plenty of layers to go, and have to try and make the cherry blossom petals stand out from the hair somehow.
Also, my partner suggested I start calling my followers my Raspberry Flock.



Remember this from months ago? No. Ok… I did this as an idea for a digistamp. I cleaned it up and started to colour it in (I don’t know why, digistamps are just outlines) but I got so far and decided I didn’t really like it, and stopped working on it. Since my drawing binge started, around Christmas, I’ve noticed my art has improved a lot, and thought it was time to try redrawing some pieces, and this was in desperate need of an update. I’m very proud of the new version.


This is just a photo, from before I inked it, but you can tell how much better it looks. I mainly owe this improvement to Yamio’s Chibi tutorial, on YouTube, that I’ve mentioned before.
Apart from drawing chibis, I’ve been streaming my digital painting sessions on Twitch. I didn’t want to let you all know until I was settled, as I’m not really ready for a big audience, but I’m setting up a Raspberry Sheep account that would be better suited to this audience, as my private channel gets a bit weird and I can play games and swear. I’ll try not to do that on Raspberry Sheep, so that I can invite you and family members there, hehe. Trying to get my non-arty friends to ask questions about art and craft is difficult.

While I’m on the topic of digital art, I came across an amazing site for anyone who does digital art, or is thinking about getting into it, but isn’t sure if it’s for them. They have a massive free video library of five minute videos on just about every topic you can think of pertaining to digital painting, and art motivation. Visit Ctrl+paint, which have new videos out every Thursday, and you can comment, ask questions, and suggest future video topics. The videos skill range from before you know what digital art is to expert levels, and all categorised for you.

I’d better go to sleep before I sound anymore like a talking billboard. Night, Sheeps.



Slowly, slowly.
I’ve been getting some good use out of my new watercolour set, but this means I haven’t really done anything towards Christmas. In fact, I ended up cleaning most of the card making supplies up. I just haven’t been in the mood with the heat and mess.
Apart from watercolour, I have been making tiny little potions made of glitter, food dye and dish soap. I’ve made at least twenty now, and am also making a stand for them, called my Apothecary, out of foam board and a cat food box. I have been trialling a paint program called Paint Tool SAI, that all the cool kids are using nowadays. It has a couple of features that aren’t in Photoshop, like a stabiliser, which makes the lines very smooth. Often, both programs are used in conjunction, to get the best results for art pieces, so I’d like to learn Paint Tool SAI.
Other than that, I’ve been absorbing inspiration from YouTube, Pinterest and bathroom tiles (a strange birdman with a hand puppet and balloon, no less.)
I’ve wanted to do some celebrity portraits for some practice, but I keep putting it off, as I know there’s other things I could use that time on. Then I just get bored, and put everything off, as I binge watch Netflix. Maybe I should have more monitors… Or more hands.



The other day I bought an app. This wouldn’t be usual, unless you knew me, and know I rarely pay for phone apps. In fact, this is the second app I’ve ever bought, the first being a game. I usually deal with ads and taking the long way to earn points or whatever. This app is a drawing app. The trial was fine, good in fact. The thing that sold me was they withheld the smudge tool for the full version. Smudge is my favourite tool of all. Ok, it wasn’t the only selling point. The full Copic branded colour palette and a hundred extra brushes including half tones were tempting. It’s funny though, if it was in the shop, I wouldn’t think twice about paying $6 for an art tool with one use, that I wouldn’t even pick up equal to the amount I’ve open the program already.
The app is called Autodesk sketchbook. Check it out if you’re interested in digital art and have a smart phone or tablet.

It has given me a new perspective on digital vs physical, and let me know how much practice I very clearly need at digital painting. I’ve been drawing a lot more in the past week, being able to draw when I don’t have time or space to get out a pen and paper. I can draw upside down in bed at night, or when I have two minutes free, waiting for something on my computer or the microwave. I guess it makes it more convenient for me to draw, so I can do it more often, hopefully improving my skills faster.

In other news, I signed up to ArtSnacks. It’s a monthly art supply subscription, where you get 4-5 artist quality art supplies sent to your door. I’m not sure how long it’ll take to get delivered from the US, but I’ll tell you guys all about it when I get it next month. Make sure you sign up before the 24th to get the next months box. I missed out on this month because of that, so just keep that in mind. They deliver internationally, with free shipping in the US. Look up ArtSnacks, and check out what creative people do with their packs. Every month, there is a challenge to create something with only what is in the box. I’m very excited, and can’t wait to see what will be in it, as it’s a surprise each month.



I downloaded an app to my smart phone, which is a simple paint program. I use it to jot down ideas that I can’t put into words, and capture images that are in my head whenever and wherever I am. Because it’s all digital, when I’m at my computer, I transfer the file and work on it with my proper tablet and Photoshop. This saves going through the scanning process, which isn’t too bad, but my printer doesn’t like my computer at random times. This also means I don’t need to carry pens and a range of pencils, a sharpener, an eraser and a blending stump (my basic travel art kit.) I did find a stylus, which works with any smart phone touch surface, that is nice, because I don’t lose the pen-in-hand feeling that I love when drawing. Even when I’m nervous holding something like a pencil in my hand is helpful. Perhaps, because I’ve always seen art as a way to have control over something when you feel you don’t have control over anything else. You control where the line goes, what the figures are doing, or what they look like. It may be small, but for me, it’s been a coping mechanism at times.
I thought recently about drawing digistamps for people to use and perhaps buy. My partner was concerned that once one person buys it, they will discard the terms of use and distribute the file openly, without me having any way to prevent this. He does have a point, but I thought about it, and piracy doesn’t stop artists creating music. There is rarely reward without risk. Perhaps by trusting people, they might not abuse your business. Besides, what are the chances they’ll copy a no name artist, line art image created for card making. I’m not looking to charge a lot for them. In fact, I thought of digistamps so I could keep cost low, without materials to buy and use.
Just another hurdle in the journey of artisthood.