Ohh pretty colours!

I dedicated today to making an image that I could turn into a phone case image. I ordered a clear case to fit my phone, so I could use my own pictures, on paper slipped between the phone and clear case. I have to wait until I get the case to cut out the photo holes and whatnot, so I have to wait before cutting it out. In this time I can scan it in incase I need to print it, or could clean it up for online printing. I used my touchfive markers to colour, and as you can tell, I need more purple colours. I should really have begun the gradient from red to blue, but I didn’t plan very well. I added a bit more variation using coloured pencils, so they looked more cohesive, and added some gradients on each critter.

Doodle, dudes.


Busy busy busy. Almost like I forgot to keep blogging…

Anyway, I’ve been balancing between multiple projects, trying to keep the mess at bay and sleep. Not all going to plan, but slowly progressing while keeping myself busy.

A couple of things I have discovered to improve my cardmaking that I can share, making the blog more than pretty pictures.

The first, pictured above, is making patterned papers look fancier. There are heaps of ways of getting cheap paper, or paper that is a bit plain, and turn it into the expensive looking ones really easily. High grade papers often have dimension, glitter and glossy areas on the patterns. You can personally decorate patterns using a variety of materials, including glossy accents, glitter glue, shimmer pens, gel pens, fine liners, markers and so on. It’s very lenient, as it will depend on your tastes and what paper you have in your own stash. The paper shown in the picture was from a card kit that came with a magazine. I liked the pattern, but I experimented by adding a shadow to one side and I like it much more. Try different designs and use whatever you have to accentuate patterns and come up with your own creations.

The other discovery came about when I was thinking about how bad I am at stamping, and I don’t like the mixed results when trying to get a good impression. This lead to the idea of scanning in the plastic stamp sheet that comes with the prestamped images. This worked well for me. Ensure you have a white sheet of paper behind when scanning, and this allows you to have the images on your computer to resize and print at any time. I was able to enlarge some stamps I have and print them in light grey, a colour I don’t own in ink pads. I had been stamping out all my stamps to keep on the computer anyway, but this way it’s already been stamped nicely.

I hope these tips help. I have a huge amount of ideas for blogs. Getting to them is another story.

Go forth and create.



While on this new year journal kick, I thought I might as well go all out and try a Bullet journal.
For this, of course, I had to buy a book. Luckily this just uses a cheap exercise book, which I then wanted to decorate. Before I had even bought the book, I was looking up ideas on Pinterest. I was just going to use some contact, but the designs are limited and can be tricky to use. I tried to cover some books last month with wrapping paper, but that was so frustrating, as it kept on curling onto the adhesive and ripping. This is when I came to the conclusion of trying scrapbooking paper to cover the book. I know it doesn’t cover the whole book in one sheet, but this gives room for some creative improvisation.
So, I found some nice paper, cut and glued on a title, wrote the year on, then I covered the entire book with clear contact.
In school, we used to cover my books in brown paper, so I could draw and write on them, which was fun.
In Australia, there are heaps of back to school sales on for the next month. It might be a good time to stock up and decorate some books. They might even make good presents, as a personalised notebook.
One problem I have though, is that the contact didn’t stick very well to the glittery parts of the paper, so that’s something to keep in mind.



Just a quick update today. I’ve been busy working on a secret project. But while I had the paints out, I’ve nearly completed my pirate chest.
I covered it with texture and turned it into a money box. All I need to do is figure out a closing, and it’ll be ready for all my gold coins. I was thinking of supergluing a metal clasp from another box onto it, or maybe Velcro or a snap popper. I think I’ll try the clasp first, as it’ll look the best. Maybe I could try a bracelet clasp with chains. I’ll see what I have. It’s a small project, just for myself, so I’m not going to go and buy anything specifically for it. Maybe if I make more, for other people.



I had no choice but to go to the doctors today to get a script. I wasn’t happy about leaving my cozy station that I had set up to do some Christmas themed embossing.
To take the sting out of sitting in a waiting room for two hours with screaming children and snotty women, I decided to buy some craft supplies. I’m not sure how much of a reward this was, as I had to spend my own money. Luckily I didn’t go too crazy.
I found some paper pirate chests that you fold and decorate yourself. I thought it would be nice to cover it with paper mache for texture and sturdiness. When I put it together, the lid was just a strange flap that you tuck in to close. I performed a little bit of paper surgery, and turned it into a proper lid. I can add a clasp or something later, if I decide to. There are six boxes in the pack, so I have some to play with.
I also got a bag of craft foam off cuts. This will be great for cutting out letters and shapes on my Big Shot, as well as freehand. Most of the pieces are adhesive already, but I have plenty of double sided sticker sheets left.
I picked up some supplies for card making, like rhinestones and number stickers as well.
I should get to bed. It’s been a very long day, and there isn’t enough money or craft stores to keep me sane without some beauty sleep.



I went out and bought a black pair of shoes to paint on this time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my size, so these are a bit too big on me. But they look cool, and my cat seems to like them, too.



I did a few different things today. I worked on my butterfly shoes, I made paper beads, I needle felted a ball, did some colouring and I washed some material. I’m getting really excited about the incoming mail over the next month, it’s like getting birthday presents to myself. 🙂
Recently, my body clock has undergone a dramatic change, giving me a lot more time during the day. This means more time for crafting, and perhaps cleaning.
I was complaining that the jeans that I was wearing were getting a bit baggy and needed new ones. My partner reminded me that I have the skills and resources to fix them. I hadn’t thought of that, strangely enough. I also found another pair that need taking in, so I have that as a project in the future, as well as a few lined up in the form of a skirt, a cardigan, an enlarged T-shirt, a new bag with pockets and computer chair cushions.
All in good time, I suppose.



It was a day full of online retail therapy, and eating horribly. I haven’t bought many things online before, as I usually spend all my money before I get to it, but this time, I put aside half my money to spend online. It was fun finding the items, and looking at all the craft supplies, but it will be great over the next month, getting things in the mail when I don’t have any money, so it’s spread out more.
I did go to the shops and found some things that were easier to buy in store than online, like clearance t-shirts for redesigning and I got some shoes to paint on. The ones in the picture were done using Sharpie fabric markers. I was intending to fill in the white with black, but my Mum and boyfriend like it as it is. I think I’ll buy a black pair next time. The other pair I have, I am painting blue with butterflies on it. This was inspired by a pair I saw in a YouTube video while researching techniques. Hexagons and butterflies are my favourite things at the moment, so I’d like to walk around with my own art with these designs on them. They might even be marketable.



New phone means new camera means seeing all my flaws… In high definition!
Still plodding along with the mini body double. Instead of sewing the felt on, I somehow came to the conclusion of needle felting it on. As fun as this is, it’s time consuming and getting a bit annoying. Luckily there’s not much more to do, only patching up all the dart cuts I had to make to get the flat thing to cover the bumpy thing. Staring at green felt hasn’t been this fun since playing pool, without either of us being able to play well.
So, many lovely pictures will be brought to you all, if I ever stop taking photos of my cats.