Hey guys, I have been pretty absent lately. I know because Facebook told me I haven’t posted in a while. The only reason for my absence is that I didn’t have much to say. I still don’t, but I have plenty of pictures from playing around with my new pencils.

Phew. That’s a lot. At least I’m getting used to them. I have a load of ideas to use my pencils on in the future, so I’ll try to remember to post more often. 

Until then, keep calm and colour in.



What you may have guessed from previous examples and subtle character profiling, I’m a procrastinator. This is relevant today, as I still haven’t finished the Christmas cards, despite beginning near the end of October. It is certainly not from lack of trying, nor because I’ve been working on other projects. It’s quite the opposite, actually. For the last couple of months I have been making elements and patterned papers and embossing, inking, printing, drawing and colouring till the cows came home. I just rarely stopped to glue them all together. I now have rather large piles of elements of cards, all waiting to be matched and glued. Probably more than enough for two to three Christmases…

One day I will figure it all out, start early, envision finished cards instead of pieces, and produce a plethora of cards early and maybe even hand them out before Christmas day. One day, I’ll get it together.

Until then, I’ll continue with being me.



Getting Christmas back on track.
My partner blabbed to someone that they were getting one of my Christmas cards, so, on the way to find the duct tape to silence him, I started gluing together layers of Christmas paper and writing a calligraphy message to our friend receiving this card.
I’ve already remade half the mess that I had cleaned, again, so I may as well get stuck into card making. I have small boxes filled with layering papers, sentiments, images and ribbon, so I should be able to get some done easily. Perhaps, tomorrow, I’ll put a Christmas card making playlist on YouTube, and craft along, collecting ideas as I go.



I made some more ‘potions.’ This time I added some glitter. The soap slows the fall of the glitter, making it calming to look at. The yellow seems to have worked the best, as the food dye isn’t too dark to cover the glitter, but looks better than no dye.
I’ve also been trying some brush lettering using gouache, watercolours and acrylics, for upcoming card making. Getting the right balance of water and paint, as well as brush size and lettering, all need practice.
There should be a bit of work towards Christmas cards coming up for me. I hope I can make them special. I really have to get moving.



I thought I’d share a card I made for my Father in law, since I can’t show you much else that I’ve been working on.
My partners Father likes carpentry, so we decided to make a wooden card. The biggest challenge with this was finding a small hinge. Unfortunately, the one I found was still too big for the coasters that I bought for the card. I ended up having to hack saw off the ends of each screw, which took a while. Luckily they weren’t too sharp after a couple of whacks with a hammer. For the painting, I stamped the ship and flourishes, then drew the writing with a pencil before painting over it. I added gold paint to the back and inside, and it worked it nicely.

Today, I needed a break from hand sewing, so I began designing some clothes, which lead to me beginning to sew a skirt, using an old pair of jeans and some nice thick white satin with yellow rosebuds on it. Hopefully it works out and I can wear it in summer. I’m always nervous wearing my own creations because, even though I know it’s secured well, maybe even better than shop bought, I think it will fall apart. Maybe I have to wear it around the house for a bit. If I get over this, I could make and wear a lot more clothes.



Well… Today was interesting. I put up my second bookcase, I cleared a space for it in my craft room, made labels for boxes and broke one of my big shot acrylic plates. Oops.
I wasn’t thinking and put three sheets of felt on a big die, thinking it’ll be fine, and forgot to pull it back when it got hard to turn. I’ll have to pick up a new one when I can, although I can still use the larger piece in the mean time.
I used one of the tags dies and made a whole bunch of tags to tie to the handles of boxes for sorting my craft room. I made about 24 tags and I’m still thinking of boxes that will need labeling. At least by hand making them, I can make more as I need them and not worry about losing files or printing things.
I’ve recently begun my weight loss journey (for real this time, hehe) and cleaning this room is surely a workout – I’ll kill two birds with one stone.



This is what I made my World of Warcraft loving partner. He took this photo, that’s why it actually looks nice. The hearthstone is an item in the game that returns you to a set point known as your hearth, which is like your home, as it’s somewhere safe. I found a pepakura file, printed it out, put it together then covered it with a sealer for a bit of strength and protection. The sealant also made the colours brighter which was a nice surprise, although the blue did run a tiny bit. I tried to hide the score lines with a bit of white paint pen, dabbing it off a bit so there weren’t stark white lines which would be as noticeable as the black ones.
As for the calligraphy, I bought some nibs at the newsagent and tried them out with ink. I was so out of practice, as I’ve been using felt tip pens for so long, that there wasn’t enough time to get used to it again, and I ended up using a gold felt tip. I took a class on calligraphy for a couple of years about nine years ago now, but I’ve always liked calligraphy. I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up my practice, despite it being a great technique for cards. It was that course that got me really into card making, not just basic ones for my parents. The one script I can always go to without much practice is italic (not the font style.) This is because for some great reason, for my big final project, I thought I’d copy out a short version of Alice in Wonderland on a dress, which I was to sew myself. It was painstaking and I was running very late due to having issues with my essays and it was a big rush of sewing, finding tailors chalk at the local shop and the weird smell of watered down fabric paint mixed with fear of washing out the chalk. I wish they’d had fading markers around then. All this and I still only just passed (Calligraphy is based as a craft subject, so they mark you on the skill, not the effort of the piece). So although italic has some stressful memories, it is a handy, all-round script to use.
Now I need to practice my favourite, Old English.



It seems to be birthday season, and now that I’ve completed my valentine’s crafts, I’d better get onto card making. Again.
Either I am a very bad stamper, or there’s something wrong with every stamp and ink I own, but my stamps rarely come out perfectly. I’m always touching up the entire image with fine liners. The cardstock I use has no tooth, and I often use foam or paper underneath to give some cushioning, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I thought it was the cheap inks I was buying, but I have a memento pad which doesn’t work well either. Same with stamps, even my red rubber Gorjuss brand stamps come out pale and patchy. It’s very annoying, as going over all the lines is time consuming and sometimes isn’t the best looking. Sure it trains hand eye coordination and muscle memory, but it’s mostly a hassle when you have to go over every image. It makes me want to avoid stamping, which is hard to do, but sometimes practising and writing out the calligraphy, or drawings, is less of a bother.

Day #93


Yay, shopping!
Gosh, I’m tired.
Ok, started buying wool for my Dr Who scarf, three out of seven colours.
I brought a container of clear embossing powder. I wanted to try using the powder like resin over images in bezels. I couldn’t find any bezels in the shops, so I’ll try it on bottle caps.
You can never have too many googly eyes and the only ones I had were tiny or neon coloured.
Sales table had some Amy Tangerine stamps, which I especially like the sarcastic sounding “oh… how lovely…”
Also quite cheap, were the bead packets. I should do some beading. Between all my other projects :/
The book I got, Creative Lettering, was on a library sale table. It has some good how to’s and layout suggestions that will help with some projects that I have floating around my head.
I also got some gaming magazines to make geeky pendants from.
So apart from being heavy, for me, I got some nice things to play with. Now I just have to find some time.