Purdy flowers!

Last night, I spend a good while playing with tissue paper flowers and making tubes of paper from catalogues. The small flowers were punched out of cream coloured tissue paper, then watercoloured lightly. While they dried, the began to crinkle and curl, which was the desired effect I was after. This gives a nice texture, which gives a more dimensional flower in the end. Ruffling up the petals after putting the flower together also helps, as you can see all the different layers. For these, I used a simple method of stacking four to six tissue paper flowers, then putting a small brad through all layers. You can see one finished in yellow in the picture. When punching out tissue paper, it may be tricky unless you stack the tissue up the thicken the pile. Maybe using card or paper would work, if you don’t need a lot of tissue paper shapes.

As for the large flower, I saw the instructions for this a long time ago. Here is a link for the instructions. You basically staple a cross in the middle of a stack of tissue paper circles, and cut short lines about every 5mm around the edge, before fluffing up each circle into a dome shape. There’s another version without the cuts, but it doesn’t look as full.

If you’ve been following along, last post, I said I’d gotten some dies with magazines. Here are the results of cutting them all out. All of them work nicely, though the lace edge die needed some extra passes through the big shot machine. I’m looking forward to using them on some upcoming cards.

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