Last year, on my birthday, my parents bought me a packet of images to colour, they are awesome, because they turn into a second image, as you fold along the score lines. I recently found them again, while cleaning, and started colouring this image. It was a small challenge, as I had to think of the image and how colouring would affect the second image.

For example, I picked a fairly light brown, which would be both suitable for a cake and candle. The shading couldn’t come in from the sides too far, as it wouldn’t work for both images. I also had to make the icing match the cake, as wax dripping would be the same colour as the candle.

While everyone is wrapped up in the new Pokemon Go release, they are going crazy finding their favourite Pokemon. Luckily my favourite was the first I caught – Bulbasaur. (Technically wasn’t me first, as I was a beta tester, but they wiped that progress, so first for this time.) I used coloured pencils on grey toned paper.

While I’m here, I might as well post this, as I forgot to post it the other day. I used Copic and coloured pencils on grey tone paper. I had to flip the image in Photoshop, so I could draw the portrait. As I am right handed, it’s easier to draw curves on the left side of the page, so I usually draw people facing to the left.

I now have a clean craft room, so once I’ve recovered from the cleaning, I can get to doing more. I continued cataloguing my stamps and dies today. Unfortunately, my attempt to get rust off my dies failed. I’ll figure it out, but I don’t think they’ll last as long.

Gotta draw them all…

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