This fella was developed after I did a sketch on my Twitch stream last night. I was drawing an octopus that was listening to music, and I had the idea to turn his tentacles into Celtic knotwork. After googling to see if it had been done before, I saw a couple of really good examples, but nothing exactly what I had in mind. To be honest, what I drew wasn’t exactly what I had thought, either, but I didn’t really plan it out, and it’s a lot simpler than I’d hoped. Perhaps I’ll get out some graph paper at some stage and redraw it with a more intricate knot design.
As for the most part if my day, I was creating a php coded illustration Random prompt generator. I had the idea for years, but couldn’t figure it out, so I put it to the side until recently, my partner was doing some coding which inspired me to give it another go. The page is pretty much completed, I just need to move it out of my development area, so you guys can access it. I’d also like to add a lot more options, though I’m having fun seeing all the different combinations. Once I finished coding the illustration page, I copied the files so I could start a card making random prompt generator.
Soon I’ll randomly generate the world! Mwahahahahaha!

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