I found a pebble in the garden. So I washed it and painted it. I’ve seen heaps of people who paint dragons eyes on rocks, so I thought I’d try that.
I started out using acrylic, but only had three colours in front of me, so I put it to the side while I was trying out nail art on some fake nails. In the middle of this, while waiting for coats to dry, I decided to try using nail polish as the dragons scales. This worked even better than I thought. Building up blobs of the polish gives the piece texture and depth on the scales. As this wasn’t very planned, I added to black for the crevices between the scales afterwards with black acrylic. I found the green polish to be quite opaque and with the amount I put on, it could have easily gone over the top of a black base. Since this picture, I have gone over the red in more polish to make it stand out a bit more, and am planning to put a clear coat over the eye to make it glossy.
I think I’ll pick up some nice stones at the hardware store next time I go, and paint some more. They usually sell packets for gardening things.
I might show you some nail art one day, but I am so very bad at it, I’m just practising the basics at the moment… Like covering the nail in polish. But not too much.
Also patience. Need more patience.

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