This will be handy…
I’ve been very busy working on my competition entry that I mentioned. I’ve barely even touched other projects. While this is good for focus, I’m beginning to go crazy and worrying whether it’s good enough. However, I decided to give myself a break tonight to save some of my sanity. I decided to make my own hand.
Easy to do. I got a disposable rubber glove, put it on my non dominant hand, and proceeded to cover with masking tape. When covered, I cut a slit, on the palm, just big enough to wiggle my hand out, then taped the cut back up. I then filled it with tissues and notebook paper before taping the hole up.
My next step will be to do a cover of paper mache and I might paint it and put fake nails on.
There’s no practical use I have for this. I don’t wear rings for it to be a ring holder. I just needed something quick and easy to do that wasn’t the picture.
There is about a week left of the competition time, and I have to finish the picture soon, so I don’t go too crazy.
Maybe too late for that…

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