#404: Page Not Found

Only joking!


The other day, I stumbled upon a free 3d  modelling program in Steam, called Fuse. Steam is usually an application for downloading and keeping a large range of video games in a library on your computer, but occasionally has software that is useful for creating games. Fuse is intended to help you to create a 3D model of a character, so you can export it for using in games and other apps. In Fuse, you can choose from a range of bodies, clothing, hair and accessories, then you can edit them extensively. If you are a member of the Adobe Creative Cloud, you can get a demo of a high definition version on Fuse.
One option for Fuse is to export the model to a site called Mixamo. This site gives you a range of poses and animations you can apply to your character.
I played around with this for while, and took screenshots of poses to use in drawing. It was good to be able to have reference of something that looked like the characters I was drawing, although the poses and clothes didn’t always match great. Some poses were found in the middle of animations, and had to pause and look through the frames and tweaking the settings. Sometimes the clothes would move strangely, like the skirt was made of cardboard, making sitting poses indecent.
I also did some shopping this week, buying some new nibs for my tablet pen, and some little mannequins go help with posing.
Many poses to come.

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