Lately, with all the excitement with the shirts and selling, I’ve managed to begin a great big pile of works in progress. This was making me feel a bit overwhelmed and exhausted, but I still wanted to draw.
Somehow, my solution involved beginning a new piece of artwork.
I was watching YouTube and came across this competition with Draw with Jazza. I thought it might be a good idea to refresh ideas and keep me focused on something with a deadline and do some research and development sketches, working towards a final goal. These steps are often left out of my pieces, as I am too impatient.
I won’t go into any details of my ideas, incase any of you end up applying. 😉
I’d love to get some lovely bristol board or something to do it on, so I can use Copics or watercolour without worrying about too much bleeding or warping. I guess I can have a look at the art shop after pay day.


2 thoughts on “#402

    1. It’s a heavy duty, high quality paper. And it’s the pose my Ariel doll had on her hands when I was little. I always liked the pose, so, I use it a lot.

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