Despite being a normal day, even one where I didn’t do a lot of drawing, today was rather special. I finally made the first step towards selling.
But first, here’s a picture I drew following a tutorial on how to draw a cat.
This morning, I had to get up early and wait for a delivery, so I was doodling and thinking about shirt designs. I needed a break from space-cat today and decided to make a simple, retro design that I thought my partner would like.
Within an hour I’d thought up the idea, drew it, and edited it, ready for uploading to a printing site. I chose Spreadshirt, as I know a few people who have used them, and they’ve been good so far. So I had to make an account, change password, fill in forms, change username, change password again, try to upload my image, shrink image, upload image, make product and wait for verification that I hadn’t infringed any copyrights. After all that this morning, I’m still waiting for it to show up in the shop. It said there would be a delay, and I’ve waited all day, so it’s hopefully going to be there tomorrow. I’ll let you guys know.
Since I didn’t spend much time on it at all, and wanted to keep the cost down, I set my cut quite low, just to test the waters. For more detailed work, I’ll put it higher, as you can attach a price to each design that you upload, which is then added to the cost of production for the total.
I’m quite excited and nervous, but this is probably a safe first step to take into the selling world. Just hope it lists soon.

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