Welcome to all my new followers! My partner and one of our friends double teamed a recruitment drive behind my back, so I have a whole pile of new audience members on Facebook and Twitter. Remember you guys can chat to me and ask me questions on any of these sites, and as long as my phone notifies me, I’ll be able to get back to you as soon as I can! Find me on Facebook at https://facebook.com/raspberrysheep6, and Twitter @raspberrysheep6.
Ok, as for the sketches, they are a couple of shirt ideas that I started on. The first is a heavy metal guitarist, as requested by my partner, as we are both heavy metal fans, so I began sketching him. While I was drawing, I was sent a video review about the cat bag with the bubble window in it. The cat in the video was so adorable and looked like it was in a spaceship, so I wanted to draw him in a spacesuit, and thought it’d make a good shirt, too. Hbed  is the video that inspired me.
My partner saw one of my posts, where I was complaining about wanting to get paid for art that people want me to do. He was adamant that commissions was the way to go, until I could find a way to explain that there is a lot of contact and communication needed when working out the brief for the pieces. I’m not quite ready for that kind of communication, but he really wanted to help me to get the ball rolling, so he’s decided to help me out with starting up shop, and motivating me with my art. This is keeping me quite positive at the moment, so we’ll see how we go.
For now, it’s bed time. Gnight.


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