Because I’ve been doing so much drawing lately, this has led to eyestrain, resulting on today being the first day of being a glasses wearer. Luckily, they are only for reading, drawing and computing. Unfortunately, that’s 95% of my awake time. For the other 5%, I have now got my first pair of sunglasses.
I’m still getting used to them, and slowly training myself to not have panic attacks with things on my face, but they are purple and pretty. First step of acceptance, seems to be drawing a picture of myself in them. I took some nice photos at the busstop after picking them up, so I made a quick sketch, getting used to them on my face. My eyes got tired fairly quickly, but they do help, so I’ll try them a bit longer tomorrow.
I guess this isn’t much of an art post, but this is a big thing for me, and is kind of relevant. Besides, you get a rough idea what I look like, now, for those who don’t know me. Very rough….
Next on my list of crafts – a glasses string.

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