Another present for me! I’m getting spoiled lately!
I saw this mega die set in a closing down sale last week, and despite its massive markdown, I had nowhere near enough money for it, so had no choice but to leave it, and hope that it hadn’t been sold for another week waiting till payday. Luckily, I have an awesome family, and they went back to the shop, early the next day, and bought it for me.
I can do so many things with this set, but what excited me the most is being able to make my own cardboard buttons, by layering three of the cutouts and gluing them together. I can then paint them, and use them as buttons for embellishments. There are a great range of flower dies, too, that can all layer together nicely. The only issue is that I may have to butcher the biggest die, so it will fit through my machine, as it wasn’t shown on the packet, so I didn’t know it was in there. We were a bit confused about what to do with the ‘thank’ die, as there is no ‘s’ on the end, or a ‘you’. I guess I could stamp that out or something.
This set has certainly inspired some ideas, between my drawings, for some upcoming cards and projects.

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