Lookie what I got as a pressie!!
My partner got me my second part of my Christmas present today and I’m so happy! His job recently moved him to an office five minutes from my favourite art store, so, he looked on my online wishlist, and got me exactly what I wanted in his lunch break 😀
Not only was it a wonderful surprise, these inktense pencils are lovely to work with. With vibrant colours, that you can water right down and layer nicely. Since they are ink, once you’ve wet them and let them dry, they don’t reactivate with water, so layering colours is a treat without worrying about lifting and muddying the colours. I must sound like an advertisement when I get excited about a product, but everything I say is my true opinion, and I’m certainly not getting paid to promote anything. I just love art and want to share and teach. I’ll tell you if I ever sell out, so you know.

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