Today, I came across quite a good find at my local newsagents. There was a magazine with a free die set for a nice, versatile owl building kit. If you have seen these before, you’d know how great they are. The magazine it came with shows at least 5 other animals that you can make with these dies, as well as some flowers. The only problem I had was that the blades were a bit deep, and even with the holes to poke the paper through, it was difficult, and I ended up pushing the needle tool through the card a couple of times.
The bow on the finished owl, was a bow punch that I coloured with Copics and coloured pencils, before finishing with wink of Stella shimmer on top. I might cover it with glossy accents if it finds its way onto a card or something. I seem to be running out of glossy accents, so I’ve been using is sparingly until I can travel to the shop again.
I trialled the super fine embossing powder that I had bought online, and it was alright. It was rather transparent, and looked silver on the black paper that I tried it on. When I used white ink as a base for the embossing, it was brighter, but had much less details. It will certainly come in handy, but I would like to find a better brand. The one I bought was “Wow” white pearl superfine.
So I have some thinking to do, and see how many things I can make with my new dies.

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