Just a quick update.
I’ve been doing plenty of drawings, still. I even finished the pages of a sketchbook, though I can always go back and fill in a few spaces.
Above is a quick drawing of my partner’s current World of Warcraft character, that’s yet to be finished.
I spent my whole afternoon scrubbing a bunch of my clear polymer stamps, so they’d be able to stick to at least the acrylic blocks. I used soap, water and a toothbrush and laid them on paper towel. I then went over them with a baby wipe, before drying them with more paper towel. They were nice and clean for a couple of minutes. By the time I tried to cling them to a laminated sheet, they were furry with dust and cat hair again. So I’ve given up that endeavour. I just need a better way than a lunch box to store them all. Maybe some double sided tape on the back. I’ve used glue dots, which tend to work ok.
I found a knitting loom today, and started making something with some chunky, net-like yarn today. It might be a bag. I have no idea yet.
I’ve also done a small amount of needle felting. I just started a simple ball to see how big I can get it this time before I give up.
At least my hands smell nice with all the soap I used.

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