Now, I really like this one. I wasn’t sure about the pose, and thought the eyes and nose would look weird, but I kept with it, and once it was inked, I really liked it.
I was reading up about finding your own style in art and drawing, and the one thing that stood out and stuck in my mind was ” finish for the sake of finishing.” So, even if you aren’t sure about how it looks, don’t give up on the picture. Sure, you can erase and change bits, but sometimes you need the small feeling of accomplishing something to keep you going.
Incase you haven’t noticed, I’m not one to finish projects, and that takes a big toll on my view of my abilities. Sure I have talent, but if I never finish things, what’s the point, I can’t sell half done projects and I’m surrounded by them. So this is one thing that I really need to focus on. Maybe I can start by making smaller projects, and working my way up. This should help with self esteem and give a more positive view when I begin things.
Let’s see how we go.


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