Quite like this piece, though it has plenty of room to improve.
Last week, in the mail, I received some fineliners that I had ordered online. Apart from being cheap, the description said they were waterproof, archival ink, so I was excited. They are lovely pens and range in 7 sizes between .005 and .08mm, however, they don’t appear to be waterproof at all. I discovered this after I had used my good paper, sketched and lined an original drawing and began putting down a base coat of watercolour. It only got on part of her ear to begin with, so I just made sure I was extra careful, and using coloured pencils for any shading. Some bleeding occurred, but not to ruin the entire image. I didn’t really plan much, so the hands look slightly awkward. Maybe could have done with a prop or something.
I was inspired by a fanart picture of Ariel, which is why her hair is so flowy, but wanted to change the colours and pose, so you wouldn’t even recognise it.
I like cutting off the bottom of the figure with the circle, as sometimes you want to focus on the head and torso region, like a portrait. It adds a little bit of dimension, too.
I think she looks like Buffy the vampire slayer wearing yoga pants.

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