Gah. Looks wonky now that I look at it at a distance. Need more practice.

Today I discovered an artist named Genevieve Kay. She has a few videos on YouTube and a lovely website for her illustrations as well as a tumblr. She does a lot of fanart of mainly Disney, but not exclusively. I was intrigued by her style, and made a few sketches. After copying a couple, I tried my own character with her style. It was a lot more simplified than what I usually try to draw, so it turned out better, I think. I learnt a lot from this study, as she does a lot of work in a three quarter front view, which I’ve always had trouble gauging how to foreshorten the back eye and where to place the iris.
So, check out Genevieve Kay. I think she has an Etsy shop and sells shirt designs and small hand drawn artist cards.

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