I quite like this drawing.
I decided to make a prompt sheet. By writing a column of nouns, one of verbs and one of adjectives. I then used a couple of can tabs and drew what they fell on. I ended up with ‘fancy’, ‘elf’ and ‘playing with animals’.
This simple prompt allowed plenty of freedom, and I could even get the same prompt and come up with a male elf playing with wolves in a fancy dress costume. Could even be a pixie playing with butterflies in a ball gown. I have seen lists done with dice where each die represents a column, and each item is numbered. The lists don’t even have to be these three things. When making a monster, it could be whether it has horns, or how many eyes it has. Maybe even just picking three words from the dictionary at random and force a connection.
I’d like to make a giant list and program it into a generator. There are a few out there, but I haven’t found the perfect one for me.
I also realised that this doesn’t have to be the final picture. I can redraw it, making the cat more realistic, or change her pose. I could colour it in, and I’d like to make it bigger.
But for now, I’m exhausted. Finally finished cleaning and need my beauty sleep. Good night everyone.

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