Hey guys, I have been cleaning again. Craft is fun until you have to clean up.
In my breaks, I have been drawing and watching speedpaint videos on YouTube. I haven’t been able to show you any, as I’ve just been practising techniques and copying pictures, so this was one of the only things that I could show as my own. It’s not great by any means. There was no planning or forethought, as I was just messing around while I recovered enough to get back to cleaning.
I’ve realised recently, that I don’t need to sit down and come up with a brilliant drawing on the spot, and that it often takes preparation and planning to get the right poses and composition and everything. This never occurred to me, despite it being a necessity when I did my art courses for year 12 Life Drawing and Calligraphy. I always thought this was a useless step and never really helped in the final project, as I wanted to keep to the original idea and not evolve it in any way. I think, now might be the time for me to utilise this planning thing. I have my life planner, and now I need my art planner. I’ve written out a list of just a few of the ideas that I want to draw, so I can sketch and plan when I don’t feel like making anything big, or I’m just doodling.
Well, that’s the plan, anyway.


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