While on this new year journal kick, I thought I might as well go all out and try a Bullet journal.
For this, of course, I had to buy a book. Luckily this just uses a cheap exercise book, which I then wanted to decorate. Before I had even bought the book, I was looking up ideas on Pinterest. I was just going to use some contact, but the designs are limited and can be tricky to use. I tried to cover some books last month with wrapping paper, but that was so frustrating, as it kept on curling onto the adhesive and ripping. This is when I came to the conclusion of trying scrapbooking paper to cover the book. I know it doesn’t cover the whole book in one sheet, but this gives room for some creative improvisation.
So, I found some nice paper, cut and glued on a title, wrote the year on, then I covered the entire book with clear contact.
In school, we used to cover my books in brown paper, so I could draw and write on them, which was fun.
In Australia, there are heaps of back to school sales on for the next month. It might be a good time to stock up and decorate some books. They might even make good presents, as a personalised notebook.
One problem I have though, is that the contact didn’t stick very well to the glittery parts of the paper, so that’s something to keep in mind.


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