While setting my diary up for the year, the first prompt in the book is goals for the year. I did the typical lose weight and save money, but my number one goal is to draw more. I could have put get better at drawing, but I won’t get there without practice. I hope to create at least one proper picture per week. Depending on the week will be whether the picture is big, small, digital, traditional, simplistic or complex. Practice is one step closer to getting better, no matter how small.
This picture, of Rin from Blue Exorcist, was inspired by a technique that I saw on YouTube, where the artist used watercolour as a base, then coloured pencil to define shadows and bring more colours into the picture. By using a light orange, purple and white, there is much more life in the skin than plain peaches and browns give. I ended up making the black areas really colourful to try another technique I saw, but it didn’t match, despite looking quite good.
I’d like to do some more portraits this year. I know that if you look back a year in my posts, I’ll have said the same thing last year. I have gotten a lot better this year, and will continue to get better. My art is like a journey, with no end, I’m here to learn, and sightsee. Even if I’m the greatest artist of all time, there’ll still be things to learn about.
It just takes a long time, because I’m trying to learn so many things at once, with all my crafting and living.
I hope some creativity makes it into all of your New Year’s resolutions this year.

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