For a couple of weeks now, I have had the urge to get a planner diary. This was strange because I haven’t used one properly before, and the only thing I did use it for was times of tablets when I was really sick.
Due to limited time before I boiled into the pavement, I only had a short span to look for a journal before I had to get home, being the delicate flower that I am. Besides that, I got to three shops today and I found this diary. I saw it online, along with another one that I liked, but that one wasn’t in the shop.
Diary’s don’t sound all that creative, and you might be wondering why I’m posting about it in this blog, but this diary has a week to a page, and a “thoughts and musings” page every week. I’ve decided to fill these sections with lists about me, inspirations, ideas and whatnot. It even has quotes and prompts for journalling between each month.
I read that you need to like the journal you get, so that you look forward to using it. I’ve dug out and bought a bunch of stamps and stickers that I can use in the book to keep it interesting and pretty. I wanted to keep with a theme of aqua, coral, gold, and black, but I’ve already stamped all the birthdays in blue and pink. I guess it’ll be bright by the time I’ve finished. I’m already tempted to draw all over the cover, but I have stopped myself, so far. I’ve only had it twelve hours, so we’ll see how I go.
As I was looking at the planners with the pockets and ring binders, I thought I could sew a jacket for it to hold my pen, and some other things like drs letters and things that I need with me.
I just really hope I can keep the diary up, as I’d like to record things like the weather, events and health issues, so I can look back later and see if there’s any patterns or irregularities. I like doing things like that, I just need to make a time each week and stick to it.
It might even remind me to blog more often.

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