Christmas is so crazy, and I am exhausted. It’s been boiling hot, and getting out to see Star Wars was a sweat-a-thon. It was a nice break from the gluing and sticking together cards, and I wanted to draw some fan art. Above is Rey, one of the main characters in the new Star Wars movie. I fell in love with her instantly, as well as BB-8, the droid. I did try to ink the sketch, but the pen I used was too big and I lost a lot of details, but I might try scanning and playing around with it on the computer. We’ll see how that goes, if I ever have time again.
My lounge room has been officially turned into a card making factory, complete with trestle table and computer chair. I have less than two days and no energy to get these cards done. I can’t find the cat food box with the sentiments in them, and I haven’t even counted how many cards I need or have made.


This is a present that I wrapped for my partners secret Santa at work. It took me more than a whole movie (a Knights Tale) to make the tag. I had to cut nine alphabets (the letters are three layers high, and there’s so many E’s in the way she spells Kendelle.) Luckily, all my other gifts are to people with three lettered names. I also had to make my own ribbon bow for the present, as I didn’t think I had any. I found them afterwards. All this work for someone I’ve never met. I don’t know how much she appreciated the hand made aspect, but it’s still nice to do it for people.
It pains me to think if people throw away my cards and things that I’ve made, but I can’t control it once I’ve given them away.

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