Trialing some macro photography with a crude home made light box.
I wanted to photo some objects to make a background at raspberrysheep.com. It still needs some tweaking and isn’t good for your eyes at 3am, but it’s a start. I just looked at it on my phone, and noticed it has a yellow halo on some pictures that didn’t appear on my laptop. One of the issues of web design is optimising for as many devices and browsers as you can.
Hopefully, I can make a better and bigger light box to photograph my crafts. The one I made is a semi clear storage box on its side, with foil taped on either side with a lamp, resting on a tissue box aimed overhead, or in front, depending. It wasn’t even large enough to fit a card in nicely, so I’ll have to make it bigger. Maybe I’ll use a bigger box. There are plenty of instructions online to make light boxes for photography, and I even bought white tissue paper for it, I just got lazy, but it probably worked out just the same.
In the mean time, I’ve been finding small things to photo, like sequins, pens, bottles, and rhinestones. I’m trying to stick to aqua and pink to go with the raspberrysheep theme, but I’m also practicing changing the colours using Photoshop. I certainly need a lot more practice on that.
I also started on some custom social media buttons for the site, so we’ll see how that goes.

(this was taken on my Nexus 5 Smartphone)


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