These are the cards that I made today. I think some are missing a something, but I’m not sure what. Maybe just a small embellishment and some rhinestones or sequins.
I’m quite excited, as a friend invited me to a Christmas crafting session at a Church on Sunday afternoon. It only goes for two hours and she’s going to pick me up, so it won’t be too much for me. It’s not too big of a group, and they meet on Tuesdays normally. I forgot to ask where it is, in case I want to go to those by myself. I guess if I like it on Sunday, I can make plans then. It should be a great experience, and I can teach people things, which is always fun. I’ll probably end up taking a bunch of my favourite tools, as regardless of what I’m doing, I always want something from another room, and I won’t be in reach of my supplies.


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