Figuring out new things.
Today, I had the thought of stamping in yellow chalky ink, so I could scrape the black off the scratching paper (scraperpaper?) in a nice Christmas design. Since you only get one chance to draw into the paper, it’s nice to have a plan to follow.
I covered this piece with contact to prevent future scratching. Just make sure you don’t peel the contact off if you misplace it, as it will remove all the detailed work you put in. I wonder if laminating would work, since there is plastic in the paper. I bought some laminating pouches to try this, as well as laminating colourful paper to turn into more scraperpaper. I have some contacted paper with drying black paint on it at the moment.
I made some pieces with oil pastels, but you can’t get as great detail, because the paint tends to come up slightly clumpy.
Hopefully I will be able to experiment quickly, and can implement this I to my cards. It is quite fun, but gets a bit messy with the paint and oil pastels. But mess just means I’m being creative. You should see how messy my house is. :/

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