After the developments of the foil paper, I was finding all my foil card in my stash, and I came across a packet of scratch paper. If you read my blog a while ago, you might have seen me use this paper to draw on. This is usually in the kids art section, or you can make it yourself, by covering a pages thick with waxy oil pastels, and covering it with black acrylic paint. I remember doing this is early primary school, as one of my earliest arty memories.
Since I was using the embossing folders in my big shot machine, I decided to try out this scratch paper. I had completely expected the black to come off so easily, and be all scratched when it came out the folder, but it didn’t.
When the paper came out embossed, all the black was still intact, and so I was able to scratch the top of the embossed image to bring out the colour. I spent a long while scratching each individual star, until I thought of using a kitchen scourer to gently scratch off the black and bring out the design in a very shabby, scratchy look. This sped things up a lot, and I discovered the slightly different looks depending on if you brush the paper one way, cross hatching, or rubbing in circles.
I was very impressed with the look I achieved, and would like to try it out with some homemade paper.
I think the most fun part is not knowing what colour you will uncover next.


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