Here is a screenshot of an inventory app.
It all began this morning, when my other half asked what I wanted for Christmas. I’d been so wrapped up in making cards and things for upcoming events that I had forgotten, and hadn’t thought about it. My mind immediately went to art and craft supplies, as usual, and wondered if I should ask for a lot of little things or one large thing. I usually like to be surprised, but I have found that I often get money, and so have to wait to figure out what to buy and for the shops to reopen and whatnot. There’s one or two large things I’ve been looking at, but aren’t really sure what type I want and needs research, so I was thinking about what I was lacking in my supplies.
This lead me to looking at embossing powders and ink pads on ebay, leading to me wondering what I could make myself. After all this train of thought, I found myself with a recommended video about an inventory book. I began one a while ago, but got side tracked very easily and haven’t touched it since. This book is basically where you make swatches and notes about your craft supplies to take with you while you are craft shopping to make it easier to see what you need, and what not to buy doubles of. By this time I began to develop the idea into digital form, and making a database or offline website to use as an inventory for my supplies. This way, I could link to the items and where to buy them.
I began working on this for a while, getting some ideas as I worked. One being, how would I make this interactive, and able to search and find items easily, and how would I take this shopping? A phone app!
So, I typed into Google “how to make inventory app.” The third page down was top 5 inventory apps… I hadn’t thought of searching for one before I thought of making one. But anyway, I had searched previously for apps for home craft inventories, not finding anything. These were business inventory apps. So, this made me realise that my craft room is like a business, with an inventory that needs restocking and profit/loss for future etsy endeavours. So I found the free app on the list and downloaded it. Turns out you needed to input all the details of your business for that one.
This brings us to the above app. It was the first on the similar apps to this previous app. It’s called Inventory Counter and is free and simple, the way I like it. You can put in a few details, and take a photo, then later, you can search for keywords or reference numbers. There is also a calculator and a tap counter that is useful for not forgetting what number you are up to when you count all your blings.
I’ve been able to put three things in so far, but will be able to put things in as I use them.
Most of my ideas and thoughts go through this long train before coming to a final idea. Welcome to a small portion of my mind.

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