I’ve started to try an get into the Christmas card making spirit, doing a load of embossing and things. On Friday, I decided it was finally time for me to stop using my hair straightener as a craft tool for melting embossing powder, and get myself a real, live heat gun tool. I was scared of it to begin with, but it got easier with some time, locked in a room to keep the cats out, and the glitter in. I am slowly adding to my embossing powder collection, adding a leaf green, and glitter Christmas green this week.
Unfortunately, on my way to buying the heat gun, I was stung on my middle left hand finger by a bee. Luckily, I’m not allergic, but two days later and it is really sore, hot and swollen. This has made it tricky to do a lot of anything. I managed some stamping and origami, but mainly just sat and watched internet streams and Netflix and had a couple of naps.
Now that I have the heat gun, I’ll be able to do things that I wasn’t able to with the straightener, such as using Worbla, a versatile heat activated material, often used in cosplay, which I’d like to try doing one day. I can also dry watercolour pieces easily, moving the water around to get different effects. It tried this, but looks like I need some practice.
I did also try painting with food colouring. The colours you get are so vibrant, and they move so well with water. I’m not sure what would happen over long term with these, and I’m pretty sure they went a little bit brown when dried with the heat tool. I’ll have to look into it a bit more.
Sometimes, I just wish I could get everything out of my head into a book or something, and keep a record of everything. I guess this blog is a small version of that. I want to teach you as much as I know, and hope I can help you guys be more amazing than you are now.

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