It’s amazing how cool food colouring and dish soap looks in glass vials. I saw this in a video the other day, and being a fan of role playing games with potions and tinctures, I thought this would be simple and fun to try out. I have done bottles in the past using glues and glitters, and have seen this done with resin. This was by far the easiest to do, and looks great, especially since the liquid moves around still.
The blue one hadn’t settled because I didn’t mix in the dye properly, and was swishing it around before I took the photo, but once it settles, it’ll look cleaner, like the others. I glued the plugs in with glossy accents, and held them in for a while to make sure they stayed. I had to wipe any liquid from the top, as the soap made the top slide out really easily.
I’ll have to label the vials and decide what to do with them. They have a small hole for adding to jewellery, but I’m not sure I’d trust it. The last thing I’d want is a vial of red liquid dripping down my front. Maybe I could use them as photo props or on my geeky figurine shelves.


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