I have spent the past two days, on and off, trying to cover this cat in red wool. I made the base in filling as normal, but for some reason it’s taking forever to cover. It might be that the shape is more complex than a ball that I’m used to, or something, but it’s getting really frustrating. I work on it until I get bored, then I game until I get bored, or when my wrist starts hurting, then switch back or to another activity. Hopefully I get through it soon, otherwise I’ll give up. I am working on little wool cat charms of my cats when I get annoyed at the red cat.
Even though I have so much that I should be doing, I have a pile of projects on rotation. I really need to prioritise and organise them. I’ll put that on my list of things to do.


2 thoughts on “#353

  1. I was a bit worried when I read the first sentence and your picture hadn’t loaded! I was about to call animal welfare!! Hehe!

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