I did quite a bit today, and am certainly going to bed soon. I’ve been out twice, to have lunch with my partner, and to check my postbox. I received only one package today, being a gem mould that I bought.

Unfortunately, despite double checking all the description, the measurements weren’t labeled as centimetres, but for some reason, I had assumed they were inches. The mould is a cute 11 by 8 cm, and still useful at this size. I am currently trying nail polish for the first casting, so I can look at the designs with detail.


While I had the nail polish out, and had already filled the house with noxious fumes, I decided to give my fake nails a coat, as well as my tissue creatures. I’m not a fan of fake nails, I just wanted to paint on them, so I bought some cheap ones from eBay to practice. I thought of using glue dots to wear them, so I can take them off as soon as they annoy me too much, which shouldn’t be long.

Yesterday and today, I have made a load of paperclay using toilet paper, water and PVA glue. I filled a few different moulds, which are all drying at the moment. This might take a couple of days, as they contained a lot of water. I try to leave them longer than I should, in case little areas like the nose are hiding wet spots down the bottom. It’s going to be hot weather tomorrow, so that should help it along.

Having all this time isn’t making my house look any cleaner. I just keep making more mess!

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