Today came with a lovely new found love of self adhering felt. I found this out, when I was making this monster from a child safe kit that my parents gave me to do while I was at their house. Unfortunately, I covered my chair and surrounding carpet in little red dots, that were half punched out to sew through. I ended up using a sharp metal needle, that I had happened to bring with me, to get through some of the holes. The kit didn’t need scissors at all, and everything except the googly eyes had adhesive on them. Which is why they aren’t in the picture. Glue, me and felt never mix well, so I’m trying to think of a good fixing technique. Perhaps a glue dot, while drying approach. As long as the glue doesn’t cover the stickiness and make it slippery. Ooooh! Hot glue would work. I’ve been meaning to get that out for embellishment making.
I received a few different kits and arty things today. In the mail, came my fake nails that I bought. They’re cheap horrible ones, but I only got them to play with, as I can’t do anything interesting on my own nails, as I have no control. Even with my right hand, it’s at a weird angle. Also, my fingernails are short otherwise they dig into my palm while drawing, so I sacrificed having nice nails for art, but it’s much less of a hassle.
I should have enough cupcakes to paint and foldable pictures to keep me busy for a few days at least.

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