Just recently, I’ve found myself napping less, and having a lot more time. This means more creating time, but I haven’t learned how to pace myself yet. This morning, I made a doll and an outfit, including underwear, before lunch. The rest of the day was split between sewing a pincushion, a felt heart patch, watercolour and fashion design. I’ve found that I need to have a project in mind, otherwise I flounder the day away, staring at YouTube or the clock until my partner gets home. On days I am crafting, I do these anyway, but it doesn’t feel as long of a day, and I look like I’ve accomplished things.
I used to make these dolls all the time with my Mum and Grandma when I was little, where you basically stitch a gingerbread shape on two layers of calico, or other material, snip around, turn and stuff, paint a face. Add a lot of hair, then design and create clothing. This was useful in learning how to draft patterns at an early age. Occasionally, I will make a doll that I haven’t made in a while to compare how much better my sewing is from then. There was a couple of places that I clipped too close, and had to stitch up, and my tension was a bit off at the start, but it evened out after a bit for some unknown reason. Perhaps I need to clean my machine.

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