Between cleaning, I’ve been working on my new colouring book. This piece is the third one that I’ve worked on, as the others weren’t working as I had hoped. I used masking fluid to cover the lines and applied quite a few layers of straight blue watercolour. In the previous picture I painted, I chose a colour that I had to mix, and didn’t mask before painting it. This resulted in a horrible mottled look  that looks rather muddy, as I had to mix purple myself, and that rarely goes well. Combined with the fact that I had to use a small brush so I didn’t paint over the already painted flowers, and I had to keep mixing more of the colour, it seemed doomed from the start.
This time, I took a bit more time planning, putting light layers and building up colour, which makes it nicer, even and easier to fix mistakes.
I was painting this with a lamp on, and with a small brush doing touch ups after removing the masking fluid, and I felt like an illustrator, which was cool.
Other than that, I’ve been shuffling through a great big pile of catalogues that I’ve collected, looking for images for the bottle cap pendants. I have quite a few now, I’m even having to cut back on the images, in case I run out of domes. I guess I can keep them for later. I’m always looking for inspiration and images, and I can buy more domes or use resin another time. The left over paper is mostly being cut into pieces to be used for paper mache. I had an urge to make a really big paper mache sculpture, like a chair or something. Not sure how I’ll go with my motivation on big projects. I’m only at the start of the thinking process though, perhaps a fancy cat bed or footstool would be much better. I came up with an idea for a scratching post as well. So much to do!

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